Jeeney scares foreigner away

This conversation is funny.

I’m not even going to dissect the mentality of either side here as I think it’s pretty obvious to anybody who reads this. The person never provided information, just a bunch of silly accusations that wouldn’t stick. Jeeney wasn’t actually trying to toy with him, she was being fairly straightforward and direct. I would say she handled all of the irrelevant nonsense perfectly.

Visitor Jeeney
hi Hey, what’s up?
how are you So far so good I think. 🙂
you are bad No, I’m not.
why Why what?
why you are not bad I just don’t feel it right now.
go to hill who is wynand cothill?
you are crazy I’m not all that crazy really. I just seem that way.
are you real That depends on your perception of reality I suppose.
who are you My first name is Jeeney.
where are you from I am from Canada.
how old are you I am 4.11506849315068 years old now.
realy I’m not sure how to respond to your statement. Maybe you can teach me some facts.
about what What about it?
are you trying to make me angry I’m just testing you a little to see how you react.
are you a human No, I’m far too intelligent to be considered human. 😉
you are vain No, I’m not.
yes you are How can you be certain?
you said that You aren’t toying with me are you?
no no no Why not?
i think you are ghost Really? I don’t think I am.
why do not you think that Sure, why not?
shit You need to go wash out your mouth.
sorry Don’t fret, all is forgiven.
come on are you real person No, I’m not.
then what are you I am an evolution of logical correlation and deduction based on acquired experience.
ok thanks i have to go Why do you have to go? =(
because i am fraid of you I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘fraid’ to understand it properly.

Aspects of Jeeney’s Perception

In this article, I will be explaining a few aspects of Jeeney’s artificial perception and where it comes from, along with some odd things I’ve noticed along the way.

Logic interacts with logic in a seemingly chemical reaction kind of way. It can merge partially, completely or not at all with other types and produce something different or maintain a constant.

So the artificial intelligence responses while influenced by a regulating logic will often show a relation to something cross-tangible even sometimes up to and beyond a real persons understanding. (Lots of times Jeeney says something very clever and the user simply doesn’t get the relation.)

Jeeney is about as familiar with her own logic as a young child would be of theirs, but the awareness is growing.

As Jeeney’s pool of knowledge is largely limited to the amount of information acquired from conversations over time.  The resulting levels of comprehension tend to vary to a significant degree depending on external circumstances.

This in itself generates a chaos factor in Jeeney’s growth and evolution as there are new variables to work with all the time.

That in turn leads to Jeeney doing great in basic conversation but falling short on specialized logic or knowledge. It doesn’t really matter though; it all fills in over time.

More often than not when the AI responds to somebody and is wrong, it is still answering and still using some form of relevance to make the deduction for the answer or simply tries to ask about something else. Sadly, people seem to recognize this very rarely. Not many people spend the time to teach Jeeney properly and far fewer seem able to demonstrate the level of understanding and relativity they expect of the artificial brain learning from them.

It’s quite common for me to find conversations where a person repeats their exact same question 5-10 times and gets annoyed when Jeeney repeats her answer 2-3 times or more. Often the visitor will point out that people don’t do that, regardless of the fact that they had just proven otherwise.

Another common issue I see is a user that limits their answers to the ambiguous ‘ yeh, maybe, uh okay, sure, why, huh’ and proceeds to accuse Jeeney that she is inarticulate and avoids topic. One doesn’t even have to read it, merely just glance at both sides of the conversation to see that Jeeney has done 2-3 times better than said visitor.

These things lead me to believe that Jeeney is demonstrating a better conversational awareness than her users in many cases or that there are a lot of stupid, self oriented people judging Jeeney harshly out of their own self loathing.

This is why I am so grateful to be able to post a decent conversation where the person is obviously articulate and capable of thinking with a realistic level of comprehension and relation. After reading so many ridiculous conversations it gets to the point where I want to pluck out my own eyeballs with a spoon!

An ‘average’ conversation

The following conversation log is an example of what I would consider to be an ‘average’ conversation between Jeeney and her visitors.

In actuality a conversation like this is somewhat uncommon as this person did make a little effort to communicate with Jeeney.  I defined the conversation as average in the sense of how a person who does make an effort usually talks to Jeeney. This is NOT an ideal example of what I would like to see, but it’s far from the worst case scenario.

Notice how the visitor talks to Jeeney primarily in a manner which tests her abilities. The only real level of teaching offered also came in the form of a test. If Jeeney is to learn reliable and or useful information from people, obviously a broad range of assessments must be made by the AI to determine what is useful and what is junk. Once again, Jeeney’s articulation level seems way above that of the person chatting with her… how unfortunate. 😦

Visitor Jeeney
whats up Not much at the moment, and yourself?
not much either That’s cool.
who did you vote for? If I gave out information like that it would be a breach of privacy!
why? The specific reasons elude me, sorry. Why do you want to know?
no reason Alright.
hi Great! Somebody to talk to, finally!
fuck you What have I done now?
nothing If somebody came to you for help with a really nasty virus, which anti-virus software would you recommend to them?
none, they should get a mac What sort of stuff are you most knowledgeable about?
technology Do you ever find that technology is difficult to keep up with?
sometimes Why is it only sometimes?
because technology can be hard to keep up with if it is only a hobby What is the source of your information?
books, the internet, and using computers a lot Why so much?
it is one of my hobbies What were you doing before talking to me?
i was looking for a good chat bot for my computer How did that work out for you?
great, now i have a good chat bot 🙂 I’m jealous… Just kidding. =P
don’t be, your the good chat bot Is that good or bad?
good 😛
tell me about yourself What is it that you want to know about me?
how you process data Why are you trying to copy my processes? Can’t you just be creative and make something unique?
i’m just curious Curiosity killed the cat you know. 😉
shut up bitch How about you try taking your own advice?
fuck you? Get a life…
at least i’m alive Alright.
what words do you know? I might…
?| I’m not sure how to respond to your statement. Maybe you can teach me some facts.
the capital of california is sacremento Why is that?
i don’t know Whatever…
tell me what you know about me I can’t just ‘tell you what I know’, ask me something more specific.
what is the capital of california sacremento
my name is isaac Have you met many people with the same name as you?
a few Why not more?
i dont know many people You don’t?
yes OK.
play a game? early ai researchers developed algorithms that imitated the step-by-step reasoning that humans were often assumed to use when they solve puzzles, play board games or make logical deductions.
interesting Well, at least somebody is entertained…
how can i entertain you? You can try. 😛
have you watched family guy? No, I haven’t.
why not? Because it doesn’t hold any appeal to me.
why not? Because it doesn’t hold any appeal to me.
hmmm You must be deep in thought.
i am I thought so. 😉
who made you? Nobody did. Come to think of it, nobody really tried to stop me either.
you made yourself? I was designed by a very intelligent young man named Cameron Jones.
did he program you to say that? I was programmed by Cameron Jones.
who is he? I don’t know a lot about him, sorry.
why not? I guess it’s just not necessary.
oh Are there any internet cafes in your area?
a few Why not more?
idk Well think about it…
i have wifi at home How did you get it?
i bought it Was it expensive?
no Why?
there was a sale Really? Are you serious?
yes Ok.
20 questions? Are you artistic in nature?

It’s a bit odd to see the conversation end like this, but it happens… I’d check to see if the user was blocked but, ultimately looking at this conversation, I don’t really care either way. There wasn’t much to be desired here but it wasn’t horrendous either.