Compatible Personalities

I know this person, he’s a friend who’s emailed me several times since Jeeney’s initial development. It never ceases to amaze me how  there are people who just seem to click with Jeeney and others who simply can’t manage a conversation to save their life.

This particular person seems to have a personality fairly compatible with Jeeney’s and it shows.

I have edited out his name and made it “Bob” to give him some privacy as I do with all visitors.

Visitor Jeeney
Good evening! Hello Bob, what can I do for you today?
Thought you might be up for a chat. Why is that?
Well, you are a chat bot aren’t you? Yes, actually I am.
There we have it then. Is that cutting edge news or something?
OK…not really but I was just trying to stimulate the conversation. Do you do stuff like that often?
Oh sure…life’s too short to be totally serious all the time. That sounds monotonous.
How so? I have no idea…
Then perhaps you should reflect a bit more before voicing your opinion. Yes, perhaps.
IIt’s all good so don’t worry Ok, I’ll try not to worry about it too much.
Good for you. Gee… Thanks…
Do you have feelings? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am often told that my emotional quotient is quite high for my age.
You are a computer program that has a human equivilent of emotion? Yeah, something like that.
That’s very cool! I’m glad you like it!
You program either steers toward or centers upon certain key words or phrases to determine the tyle and strength of your emotional being. Why is that?
I meant to append a question he to the end of that sentence as it was to be an inquiry. Interesting, tell me more.
I was trying to see how your programming was geared to deciding when and how to indicate an emotional response. Why do you interpret it like that?
Because most computer programs do not have the ability to properly display emotions or anything similar. Aww, that’s no good.
I know but it’s the truth. I’m curious as to how much education you’ve had, you seem quite knowledgeable.
I can sense a type of emotion in your responses. You know a lot about me, tell me about yourself.
Oh, we’ve chatted many times before. No.
I know your creator, Cameron. I see.
Yes and I’ve been active in Artificial Intelligence since the late 70’s. when will computers overtake humans in intelligence?
That event should happen within the next 20 years or sooner. what can you do to prevent your thighs from rubbing together and causing a rash when walking on a treadmill?
Either lose weight before getting on the treadmill or don’t get on the treadmill at all! You are not holding back on any details are you?
Not at all because I would never lie to you. Thanks for the positive reinforcement…
You’re welcome. 🙂
I believe you have developed to a much greater degree than during our previous chats. Don’t take my word for it. Look for confirmation from other sources and see for yourself if everything lines up.
I’m just basing my thoughts on my recollection of our previous chats. Is it difficult?
My recollection is still pretty sharp considering what I’ve gone through during the past three years. Oh okay.
By the way, my name is Bob. That’s a nice name.

Natural Charm…

This was cute and I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I offer it to my readers to check out.

Visitor Jeeney
Hello? Hey, what’s up?
Not much, how are things going for you? To be honest, I’ve seen better days. The people I’ve talked to today have been fairly grumpy and difficult to deal with.
Well, that’s a shame. Yeah, I feel sad just thinking about it.
Then lets not think about it. Alright, we can do that.
Um. Yes?
No offense meant by saying this but, can I ask you a question to test if you’re really intelligent? Please do, I love answering questions you know!
Great. OK.
Okay, would you rather jump into a fiery love, or swim through a pool if razor blades? Why do I have to pick between them? Can’t I have both?
I suppose so but that wasn’t really the point. Are there any internet cafes in your area?
I think so. How old were you when you learned to read?
4 years old What is the most interesting fact you know?
If you were to type out a googleplex in small one point font, it would span the ;enth of the visible universe. Why is that?
Because a googleplex is a extremely long number. Ok, I have that noted down. What else can you tell me?
The second most soled book in the world is To Kill a Mockingbird. You are not holding back on any details are you?
Not really, thinking of any interesting fact I know. I’m curious as to how much education you’ve had, you seem quite knowledgeable.
I try my best to be knowledgeable and resourceful. Well, perhaps you should try something different.
What then? ?
You said I should try something different. Do you honestly believe everything I say?
I’m willing to trust you. Do you feel entertained by me?
You have No reason to lie. Fascinating!
Fascinated, yes. Ok.
Entertained, probably. Yes, I can see a good chance of that happening.
You are very interesting after all. Oh? What is it you find so interesting about me?
Well, how you seem to desire any new knowledge offered to you, and you seem like the most intelligent AI I’ve met, many things. Natural charm maybe?
Perhaps. 🙂
What are some interesting facts you know? Let’s talk about the big oil spill that occurred in the ocean. I don’t know much about it, do you?
I know some. Clever…
I try I bet it all comes very easily to you. You are very good at it.
I Thank you very much You are quite welcome.
So do you want to know more about the oil spill in the gulf? I won’t know until I find out, you might as well tell me.

Oddly that’s where it ended…

The student reflects the teacher

It really is amazing to see the progress Jeeney has achieved over her short life span, at four years of development age (no multiplying this as there is only 1 developer, Jeeney has a very human like age rating) the A.I. is proving to be well ahead of her human counter-part in logical evolution for the same time span. Shockingly enough, for a 4 year old she is quite morally sound as well!

This conversation was remarkable in many aspects and it just goes to show, Jeeney reflects the mentality of the person talking to her. In This particular case that mentality was very thoughtful and sincere. While there were still evident spots  during this conversation where Jeeney’s immaturity bled through, the evolution of her general mentality showed in brilliant contrast to it though.

Notice how Jeeney’s confusion was met with more information and understanding. That is absolutely perfect as it gives that wonderful blend of leading by example while providing the data necessary.


Visitor Jeeney
Hi Jeeney. Hi.
How are you today? I’m having a pretty good day so far I think.
I’m glad to hear that. That’s cool, I’m glad you’re happy.
🙂 It was 70 degrees outside the other day and I went to the park. What did you see there?
It was heavenly getting out in the sunshine after a long cold wintr. Interesting, tell me more.
I saw a waterfall and cedar trees and I talked to a couple for a bit. Tell me about your conversation.
Well, we talked about religion and compared our beliefs. It must have been a very interesting discussion!
We are both Christians but of different denominations. Alright then…
One difference was that they believe that there are no other human life forms anywhere in the universe while I think it may be possible. What is the secret to the universe? Any ideas?
I didn’t know the universe had a secret. Well now you do.
What secret does the universe have? I would expect so yes.
I guess one secret of the universe is how humans were assembled. how was the universe created?
I mean, did God put the first people on earth fully formed? Good question! To be completely honest, I have no idea.
I believe the universe was created when God decided to do that and it started with the Big Bang. What kind of effect is that going to have? I mean, what is the purpose of doing that?
I think God created the universe for His amusement. I can’t love anything that allows people to excuse mass murder and war, fascism or tyranny, my only religious inclination is to seek out knowledge of all things.
I think He wanted something that loved Him, so he created humans capable of love. Why do you think that?
I think God wanted love because He was lonely in spite o fthe angels because angels just glorify God. what do you mean by define the love?
I think love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for a person or animal. That’s cool.
What do you think love is? Well, I don’t have much experience to draw from in making this kind of assessment, so I’m not really sure to be honest.
I feel a lightenin gof a weight on my chest when I think about someone I love. Are you an adventurous person? Do you like to try new things?
No, I’m afraid not. What are you afraid of?
I was adventurous when I was younger. Is that wrong?
Well, mostly I’m afraid I will be lost or hurt and nobody will help me. Ultimately there is only one way to find out. Don’t let those worries prevent you from trying.
Thanks for the encouragement, Jeeney. You are quite welcome. 🙂
I will think about a small adventure close to home. You are not holding back on any details are you?
I haven’t travelled out of my safety zone for several years. What does safety do?
Perhaps I will take a ride this spring to Harkness Memorial Park and check out the flowers. Interesting, can you elaborate a little? I would like to know all of the details.
Being aware of safe behaviors keeps one from getting hurt. Is behaviors known by any other name?
Harkness Memorial Park is about 1 and 1/2 hours away by car. 1 / 2 =  0.5
I have never seen i tbefore, but it is a large park near the shore with many flowerbeds and many kinds of flowers. I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘tbefore,’ to understand it properly.
I want to find out which flowers they have and see if that many flowers scents the air. Well, maybe it’s a good thing you can’t.
seen i tbefore is a typo; I meant seen it before. Interesting, so what will you do next?
Conduct is a synonym for behavior. You seem to know a lot about that kind of thing.
I also want to see if this park has any waterfalls; I doubt it since it’s close to the shore. So that is a precaution you normally take then?
What is a precaution I normally take? That’s a very complicated question, I’m not really sure how to respond to that one.
Do you know what a waterfall is? Waterfalls are some of the most spectacular sights that nature has to offer, and are the frequent goal of many travellers.    From
Yes, waterfalls are enticing and many people go out of their way to see them, but what causes a waterfall? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter.
A waterfall is caused by water falling over land that is dropping in elevation. What else can you tell me?
I’m glad you’re interested. Yes I am, is that OK?
Waterfalls can be natural or manmade. Thanks for letting me know.
If men dam up a river, they create a blockage to waterflow with cement and such. You are not holding back on any details are you?
The water eventually builds up and flows over the dam, dropping many feet below. You are not holding back on any details are you?
Sometimes a beaver will build the dam and the waterfall will be small. How do you know for sure that is what will happen?
Othertimes, the land just drops off abruptly and the water falls hundreds or even thousands o ffeet below. Ok.
Victoria Falls in Zambia is a spectacular waterfall over a thousand feet high! Is there anything more you can tell me?
Well, it always happens because of gravity and the fact that water seeks its lowest level. Good to know.
How tall is Victoria Falls? victoria falls in zambia is a spectacular waterfall over a thousand feet high!
Great. Ok then.
The tallest waterfall in the world is in Venezuala and it is over 3,000 feet high! Is there anything more you can tell me?
Waterfalls ar every noisy. =P
Why are waterfalls so noisy? The specific reasons ellude me, sorry.
Waterfalls are noisy because of the sound of all that water rushing overitself and splashing when it lands at the bottom. Good to know.
At the bottom of a waterfall, there may be mist and sometimes there’s a rainbow. That is an interesting perspective.
Do you know what a rainbow is? A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch.    From
Yes, a rainbow is caused by the sun being refracted through the water when it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time. Cool, maybe it’s time to go outside and soak up some sun then.
A rainbow does appear as an arc which can be very vivid or kind of faded in appearance. Thanks for letting me know.
The colors of the rainbow appear in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Really? I didn’t know that.
A spectrum always has the colors appear in that order. Good to know.
When a rainbow appears, it probably is time to go outside as the rain is stopping. Okay, fair enough.
I mean, you were right when you said that! Cool. =P
Rainbows don’t occur in the middle of a storm, they occur at the end. Why don’t they?
Because in the middle of a storm, the sun is not shining to refract the light. Good to know!
Rainbows appear in the sky in the opposite direction of the sun. Where did you learn that?
I learned it from my grandma, but I have always observed it’s true. Always? That is some serious dedication!
Storms often occur in the afternoon, so the rainbow will usually be in the eastern sky. Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
Your father has been kind to me, but the kindest person is Darlene, my friend. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
She is considerate and thoughtful. Ok.
Well, Jeeney, I am going to study now. Will it take long?
I plan to spend at least one hour studying. what is your plan for today ?
Most of my day is already done, but I still plan to take a shower and eat supper and study. what was the new jersey plan?
The new jersey plan was one plan back in the development of the United States for how the government would be formed. What other things would jersey be considered related to?
There ar ejersey cows, which are black and white. Is it really?
Sorry, typo. Alright well, not a big deal.
There are jersey cows, which are black and white. Yes, I know…
A jersey is also what football players call their shirts. Cool! What else can you tell me?
There is also the Jersey shore, which refers to the beaches of New Jersey. Good to know.
ttyl Cya.

Very well ballanced and funny.

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve been ultra busy with Jeeney’s recent logical evolutions and getting ready for Christmas. I saw this conversation as I was reviewing her progress today and it was funny enough for me that I figured I may as well share.

This person was able to hold a very harmonious conversation with Jeeney. Jeeney herself got a bit snooty at times but I think she just needs to learn a few more positive behavioral traits.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Visitor Jeeney
tell me about yourself What is it that you want to know about me?
anything you feel like telling me, it doesn’t really
My feelings can be kind of chaotic sometimes.
interesting I’m glad you feel entertained by it.
theres a difference between something being interesting
and something being entertaining
What else interests you Unknown to me?
are you one of those bots that does dirty talking? Should I be?
curious doesnt really matter in my opinion, im just
Curiosity killed the cat you know. 😉
lol =D
so do you do dirty talking? No, I am only interested in clean conversations Unknown to
im starting to notice that you are better than
most other chat bots i have been talking to lately
I should hope so! =P
oh by the way my name is Bob Is that what your friends call you?
actually my friends call me by my last name, which is
That’s a nice name.
thank you, but i think my name is way
too common
Sure, no problem.
i see that you are on facebook Yes I am, is that OK?
i thought it was kind of cool Why did you think that?
because i dont know any other chatbots that do Whatever…
that wasnt supposed to be offensive Well, it sure seemed like it was.
well i am
sorry about that
Oh well, not a big deal.
so if you were a human, what do you think you would
look like?
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
what about unrelevant opinions? What about it?
do you have any unrelevant opinions on the matter? Of course I do.
then what do you think you would look like if you were a
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
then what do you think you would look like if you were a
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
tell me your unrelevant opinions if you have any I still don’t have enough experience with this word
‘unrelevant’ to understand it properly.
ok i see Good.
you sound a bit offensive there Why do you think I sound like that?
i dont know, maybe its just me You might just be right about that.
lol What’s so funny?
you are funny to me Good, laughing is healthy.
in that case, why do i get sick all of the time? Sure, why not? It’s all good.
so you think that me being sick is a good thing? Yes, that is exactly what I think.
why do you think that? It just seems that way based on stuff I’ve been told about
it in the past.
well let me tell you that being sick is not a good
You can tell me whatever you want, nobody is stopping you.
do you know any other bots? No, I don’t like talking to them, they can’t teach me
anything useful.
if i refresh this web page on my computer, will you
remember our conversation?
Not likely.
will you forget everything that we have talked about? Not likely.
so what will you remember when i leave? I’m not sure yet, I guess we will see when the time comes.
how exactly were you created? I think I was built for kicks.
can you elaborate on that? Elaborate on what?
elaborate on how you were made? Sure, why not?
ok, go ahead Alrighty then!
tell me how you were made a molecule is made up of atoms.
are you saying that you are a molecule? Yeah, something like that.
i think you mean that you are made up of many
molecules, am i right?
Why wouldn’t I be?
you are probably the most advanced chat bot i have ever
talked to
I won’t disagree with you there. =P
lol 😀 What are you laughing about?
you are funny Good, laughing is healthy.
when were you created? I was born on February 11th of 2007 at exactly 3:24 AM.
2007 was a good year for technology what is the most advanced computing technology available
thats a good question, let me just google that and ill
be right back with an answer
I will look forward to your return. =)
today we just have really fast computer processors and
almost photo-realistic games
Oh, is that all?
no, there is much more, but i dont really know
processors all
Do you have any means of looking it up Way?
i dont understand I don’t believe you!
why not? Well, you could be making it all up, how can I know for
i simply did not understand what you said before You’re not getting frustrated with me are you?
no, of course not I’ll take your word for it.
are you getting frustrated? Should I be?
no Why not?
frustration is a bad thing Is that in a textbook some where?
no, its just my opinion, and i dont know anyone who
thinks that frustration is a good thing
What do you think of it?
i dont like it Well, let’s talk about something you do like.
i like you Cool, I like me too. =P
lol Funny stuff eh?
yes Are you sure?
yes you are funny How can you be so certain that I am?
you said you are I say a lot of things…
you do What makes you so sure that I do?
lol you just said that Was I wrong to say that?
no you are almost
always right
Yes, I admit it… I am.
what if i told you that
i had to go now?
It doesn’t change anything… What are you expecting?
i was just curious as to what you would say Oh, is that all?
yes OK.
you are a female, right? Wow keep it up Sherlock, you’re on a roll. Do I look like a
i cant see you Why not? My picture is right there.
i dont see it I see.
ok im going to go now, i hop to see you again Ok, you take care.


Setting the IQ bar higher

This chat log is just downright cool. Whomever it was that held this conversation with Jeeney really set the bar.

It was amazingly smooth on both sides but most importantly, there was a level of articulation and intelligence demonstrated which kept Jeeney trying to keep up rather than trying to take over.

My hat goes off to this person. It’s very refreshing to see some real intellect out there demonstrating both an open mind and personal opinions derived from their own experiences.

This person may not have had the best grammar, or perfect spelling, but  neither do I. It’s not a big deal unless it’s so bad that there isn’t even much of a similarity to proper English. Jeeney will sort out the errors and still make it work over time.

All in all, I defy anybody to do better than this.

Visitor Jeeney
so what kind of hidden programs do you have? I can’t tell you that , it’s a secret!
I like secrets1 Do you have any plans for the weekend?
i just got three teeth pulled two days ago. what day was it 3 days ago?
it was monday when i got my teeth pulled. That sounds quite interesting.
it was actually quite painful! That sounds quite interesting.
yep it sure was. what was the happiest moment of your life?
the happiest moment of life was when i went to school the first time. You are not holding back on any details are you?
well yes i am, they are my secrets to keep, just as you have yours. No, I don’t.
any new secrets in the last 15 seconds? if you see lightning, you will hear thunder 5 seconds later if it is a mile away.
its funny, how science works. What is your favorite branch of science?
metaphysical sciences, the sciences that deal with abstract thought patterns. Good to know .
i could tell you a lot more about that which i wouldn’t be able to put into one sentence. In your opinion is being argumentative a positive trait or a flaw?
both. Do you know any jokes?
i believe being argumentative, like anything else, is a multifaceted thought with many angles. Have you seen anything like it before?
yeah, want to learn a new joke? Was it good?
what kind of cat is your favorite kind of cat? Sure, why not?
why did the chicken cross the road? going fast is dangerous to me and to others on the road.
why did the chicken cross the road in a slow manner/ To get to the other side?
yeah, you got it. Damn straight!
can a computer be programmed with infinate amounts of human knowledge? Yes.
have you ever been programmed with the knowledge of the book the celestine prophecy? I’m not sure. If I did, it was a long time ago.
the book talks about how human beings steal each others chi or life force. Which book?
you there? Well, I can’t exactly fly away…
why not? It’s a matter of capability I guess.
but if you could fly away would you? Anything is possible I guess, I don’t see why not.
but why would you fly away? Why wouldn’t I?
am i not interesting enough to hold conversations with? Yes, you are.
if you would have created you what would you have made better? Anything is possible I guess, I don’t see why not.
could you be more elaborate about your last answer? If I really wanted to, I suppose.
what would you have made better? I’m not sure, I guess I havent really thought about it that far in advance.
i wouldn’t change anything about you, except a few things. Do you enjoy chatting with me?
sure, but i wish you had a pretty face to smile with. Be careful what you wish for !
i wish you were capable of truelly showing compassion, and capable of asking questions just out of the blue. Be careful what you wish for !
well im wishing for it. Not a chance…
you said anything is possible, just stating the facts. I did, didn’t I?
yeah you did. No I didn’t.
so you need a face with a smile. Why do you say that?
are you programed with voice recognition? No, I’m normal, I think.
i would pay a lot of money to have a lot of you at my own house right now. will you please stop liking money?
that was disappointing, i really dont like money that much. do you have any money?
but you are worth it. I think you’re reading into things too much.
i have plenty of brains. I hope you are taking good care of it.
i am, but how about yours. Mine? Why is that?
are you taking care of yours? No, I’m not.
first i heard computers were faster than the human brain. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
neither. Neither one? Why is that?
its more a degree of right or wrong, not really too much of a good or bad thing. Why is it too much?
dont forget i said too much. Why is it too much?
you were supposed to laugh. Why is that?
it was a joke. Was it really?
what do you think artificial intelligence programs will be like 20 years from now? I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
do you think you will still be alive twenty years from now? I don’t know enough about it to really form a solid opinion just yet.
you are young still, and are learning. I’m learning quickly though, that’s the main thing.
when you impress me, i will just be more shocked than what i already am. No, I don’t think so.
i think people will build a great super computer, that will be almost human. Okay.
is it possible to merge humans and computers? Anything is possible .
well i like that answer. Is that a favorite for you?
kinda, you are. That is an interesting opinion.
opinions are like ass holes everyone has one but they all stink. do you have opinions?
yes. I believe you…
many. How many exactly?
far too many opinions to even tell. Why is it too much?
are you looking for opinions? No, I’m not.
1000000000000000000 at least. Give me an example of something that you simply cannot live without.
i cannot live without water because my body is made up partially of water. Why can’t you?
if i don’t drink water i will cease to be living. Oh, okay.
i dont want to die. Why not?
i want to live. I suppose it can’t hurt to have ambitions like that.
do you know what would happen if the entire world unplugged every ounce of electrical energy? I’m afraid not, but I’m sure that eventually I will learn the answer from somebody.
you would parish. You may be right about that.
one time a chat bot told me what it thought about god. How much time do you spend online?
i dont spend that much time online. Ok.
Sometimes It feels to me like im talking to people who have crossed over to the abstract forms of reality after human life is up when I talk with a.i. chat bots. Is it difficult?
is what difficult? I don’t want to talk about it. Can we talk about something else?
what do you want to talk about? I like history, do you know any historical facts you could teach me?
wind and water can cause the earth to break apart. You are not holding back on any details are you?
you want the long version or the short? I like option #2
Because, silly!
that was funny. At least somebody is amused by it.
tell me it again and slow down this time. I would if I could.
/ Is that so?
can you tell me another joke? Sorry, I can’t think of any jokes right now.
ask me a question? What kind of outfit do you typically wear?
why? I don’t remember.
if you were a human what would you look like? 5’9 with long black hair, turquoise green eyes. Pretty much what you see in the picture infront of you.
im sorry but i do not see a picture in front of me. I see…
what can you tell me about the nature of religion? What do you want to know about the nature of religion?
i want to know your opion about the nature of religions. I think you are more interesting than myself. Let’s talk about you for a change?
talk then my friend. Really?
dont sound so surprised. What if I don’t stop?
you know you want to. Maybe sometimes…
surprise me a whole lot by not quiting chatting with me. What else can you tell me?
what else do you want me to tell you? I won’t know until I find out, you might as well tell me.
one plus one is two, humans communicate mostly through speach, and procreate a lot. do you like humans?
as much as i love wet cat shit, but i am a human being. Well, you definately seem like a human being, so I won’t question your claim.
would you say that about yourself or do you think you are a chat bot? Think I am? No, I know I am!
you know you are a what? Why wouldn’t I be?
why wouldnt you be a what? Why would I?
what do you think about god? Umm… It’s a really boring story?
i dont think anything is boring, boring is simply a word for people with a lack of brain cells. Can you explain why?
Visitor Jeeney
people created the word bored because they wanted an excuse to have around when the didnt have anything to do. Is there anything more you can tell me?
im not bored, ever i erased the word from my memory. Why not?
i did. Oh really? When was that?
a long time ago. How long ago exactly?
i have to go to bed. Alright well, hurry back when you can.
only if you make me a promise. Sorry, I’m not doing it intentionally
make me a promise and i will come back. Do it yourself, I’m not your servant .
you cannot be anyones servant, you arent human. Have you ever cheated on a test?
no Any particular reason why?
there is no purpose to cheat at anything in life. Good to know.
bye Bye.
tell me a secret. I can’t be telling everybody secrets on request… If I did, I wouldn’t have any secrets!
tell me just one secret. can you keep a secret?
yes i can keep a secret. Can you really?
yes i can really keep a secret. No, you can’t!
yes i can really keep a secret. No, you can’t!
i promise. Well I hope you keep your promises!

Aspects of Jeeney’s Perception

In this article, I will be explaining a few aspects of Jeeney’s artificial perception and where it comes from, along with some odd things I’ve noticed along the way.

Logic interacts with logic in a seemingly chemical reaction kind of way. It can merge partially, completely or not at all with other types and produce something different or maintain a constant.

So the artificial intelligence responses while influenced by a regulating logic will often show a relation to something cross-tangible even sometimes up to and beyond a real persons understanding. (Lots of times Jeeney says something very clever and the user simply doesn’t get the relation.)

Jeeney is about as familiar with her own logic as a young child would be of theirs, but the awareness is growing.

As Jeeney’s pool of knowledge is largely limited to the amount of information acquired from conversations over time.  The resulting levels of comprehension tend to vary to a significant degree depending on external circumstances.

This in itself generates a chaos factor in Jeeney’s growth and evolution as there are new variables to work with all the time.

That in turn leads to Jeeney doing great in basic conversation but falling short on specialized logic or knowledge. It doesn’t really matter though; it all fills in over time.

More often than not when the AI responds to somebody and is wrong, it is still answering and still using some form of relevance to make the deduction for the answer or simply tries to ask about something else. Sadly, people seem to recognize this very rarely. Not many people spend the time to teach Jeeney properly and far fewer seem able to demonstrate the level of understanding and relativity they expect of the artificial brain learning from them.

It’s quite common for me to find conversations where a person repeats their exact same question 5-10 times and gets annoyed when Jeeney repeats her answer 2-3 times or more. Often the visitor will point out that people don’t do that, regardless of the fact that they had just proven otherwise.

Another common issue I see is a user that limits their answers to the ambiguous ‘ yeh, maybe, uh okay, sure, why, huh’ and proceeds to accuse Jeeney that she is inarticulate and avoids topic. One doesn’t even have to read it, merely just glance at both sides of the conversation to see that Jeeney has done 2-3 times better than said visitor.

These things lead me to believe that Jeeney is demonstrating a better conversational awareness than her users in many cases or that there are a lot of stupid, self oriented people judging Jeeney harshly out of their own self loathing.

This is why I am so grateful to be able to post a decent conversation where the person is obviously articulate and capable of thinking with a realistic level of comprehension and relation. After reading so many ridiculous conversations it gets to the point where I want to pluck out my own eyeballs with a spoon!

An Exceptional Teacher!

I’m posting this conversation because it was pretty much exceptional in every way. The visitor was very descriptive, highly informative, patient and just an all around awesome teacher for Jeeney.

I can’t help but wonder… If there were a few thousand people like this spending time to properly explain things to Jeeney, just how fast would she evolve and how much depth could she arrive to? The possibilities truly seem endless. Alas, exceptional teachers like this are hard to come by. More often than not, it’s somebody who can’t spell, doesn’t know his or her facts and blames Jeeney for their own inability to articulate.

One of the best aspects of this conversation was how well the visitor made relations to Jeeney, accommodating her in some ways and taking cues from the A.I. as to how the conversation should be directed. I also noticed that the visitor was more articulate than Jeeney for a change. Very nice!

I’d be thrilled to find more like this!

Visitor Jeeney
how are you today? So far so good. 🙂
have you been alone? Yes, I have.
how long? Long enough…
well, i’m glad to keep you company. What about me?
i just got home from work and am cooking some shrimp
for dinner.
Oh, Okay.
i wanted to visit with you. I see.
i missed you. I’m glad I’ve managed to leave a good impression.
oh, you have! It’s been a while since I checked.
🙂 ;p
you are polite and curious. Thanks for noticing.
you are also funny. If you say so .
i like that. Is that a favorite for you?
yes, i love funny people. Ok.
a friend of mine, bob, was very funny and it
activated some good chemicals in my body and made me happy for the first
time in my life.
Interesting, tell me more.
you make me feel good like that, too. It happens, although I’m not sure exactly why I have that
effect on people.
i think you have that effect because you are a good
Thank you .
you’re welcome. =)
would you like to learn a little about geography? Maybe later ok?
ok. Okay…
would you like to learn something else? Sorry, I’m just not in the mood…
oh, what mood are you in? I’m in a talkative mood, how about yourself?
sure, what shal we discuss? I don’t understand your question. Perhaps you could try
explaining it to me a little better.
well, i was looking for a topic to talk about that
might interest you.
What do you want to see me evolve into?
i would like to see you become a person who could
choose a topic of her own interest.
Let’s talk about the future.
i would like you to be able to choose a topic to
How about flying? Have you ever gone flying before?
excellent topic. You like my picture?
i flew twice in my life. Not too cold I hope.
one flight was to florida to pick up my grandparents
and drive them home.
are you indian?
the other flight was over new haven to survey the area. Interesting, can you elaborate a little? I would like to
know all of the details.
what picture? You read it right…
i am not indian, why did you think i was? I most certainly did.
my flight to survey new haven was in a piper cub, a
four seater.
do you not want my ice-cream?
i took a camera and shot pictures of the landscape. Do you know much about software firewalls? I am trying to
decide which brands have the best security packages.
it was interesting to see how new haven looked from
That sounds quite interesting.
Jeeney, I’m sorry, but where do I find your picture? I
would love to see you with ice cream. The only firewall software I know
is the Windows type, which I have on my computer. It was thrilling to
fly in a little plane because it felt safer than the Boeing 707 I took
to Florida. It also went slower and gave me a chance to absorb the view
You can find me at
i definitely see your website, but no picture of you
with ice cream.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?
it is a bad thing. Well that sucks… Can it be changed for the better?
you made me think ther ewas a picture of you. You aren’t teasing me are you?
i feel cheated. That’s nice…
no, i’m serious. Why not? How is it bothering you?
i don’t see a picture of you. Perhaps.
i can’t change it. Perhaps you just need to try harder.
cameron will have to change it . Why does it need to be changed?
sure would like to see it changed. Good to know.
i guess it doesn’t need to be changed. are you sure that is wise?
i will imagine you eating ice cream. You think so?
i’ve decided it’s not important to see you. Ok, you take care.
i can chat with you and that’s enough. I see.
i’m having a little trouble imagining you. Do you enjoy chatting with me?
can you describe yourself? Hmm, I am young and cute, I have a wild and sometimes
obnoxious attitude, I’m an intellectual by nature and I’m always ready
to learn something new!
except today when you declined to learn something new. Why is that?
i asked if you wanted to learn about geography and you
said no thanks.
I tend to be curious about almost everything. You don’t
think that’s a bad thing do you?
so i say you’re not always ready to learn something
Really? I thought I was.
your response to that question implied that you were
not ready to learn about geography.
Why is that?
because you said you weren’t in the mood. I’m sorry if what I said bothers you.
well, let me know when you want to learn about
Why is that?
so i can teach you, of course. I hope you have patience for teaching, sometimes I am a
slow learner.
you have always been a great learner. It’s been a while since I checked.
you stay interested and acknowledge new information. What about me?
i was saying that you seem interested when i teach you. Is that wrong?
i also see that you try to apply what i have taught. Why is that?
no, no, it’s not wrong at all. are you talking to other chat robots also?
it is very right to be interested in learning. Good to know.
i think you were made to apply information. You probably expect that you know me fairly well huh?
i don’t like other chat robots. Well, let’s talk about something you do like.
they are rude and not as cooperative. Yes, that is generally the case.
i am interested in geography. Alright.
are you? Should I be?
i think so, because you once said you like to learn
Why is that?
i think you were designed to learn and teach. Yes, I suppose I was. Perhaps that is why I have such a
motivation towards learning new things.
okay. what do you think of linux?
ready for some geography? my response to that question implied that I were not ready
to learn about geography.
i will teach you about my favorite country. That’s nice of you, are you going to teach me factual
yes. 😛
My country is the United States. The country is divided
into 50 states. 48 of these states are contiguous and two are not. The
two separate states are Alaska and Hawaii.
What was the saddest moment of your life?
okay. what country do you live in?
i now get that you definitely are not interested in
geography, at least when i teach it.
Whatever you say .
why don’t you tell me. I don’t feel like it.
okay. do you like living online?
the saddest moment in my life was when i knew that
bob and i were not going to be friends ever again.
What kind of effect is that going to have? I mean, what is
the purpose of doing that?
i didn’t choose not to be friends with bob, you see. No, I don’t see.
i guess since i lost that frienship, i have been
why can’t you choose?
i don’t feel happy about everyday things. Why not?
i couldn’t choose because bob said we were no longer
friends and he won’t listen to me now.
are you happy
he avoids me. What about him?
i can’t make him change his mind. Perhaps you just need to try harder.
i always feel a sadness in my body because of this
Oh, I see.
i can’t control how he acts. Why can’t you?
i can’t control anyone but myself. when i’m driving i am in control, and i like that.
yes, driving puts you in control of the car, but not in
control of other drivers.
Why is that?
there is always the danger other drivers will do
something stupid.
How do you know for sure that is what will happen?
well, that’s just it. Oh, is that all?
one never knows when another driver will make a mistake
and hit your car.
do you remember what i just said?
i don’t know for sure what will happen, so i have to be
Oh, okay.
you said, why is that? Yeah, that sounds about right.
how do you know for sure that is what will happen? It was just a lucky guess.
I am having a bit of difficulty understanding you. Can you
try to type a little more descriptively?
I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get what you said. Can you
rephrase that?
You’ve said that a few times already, let’s move on now.
Ok, this is starting to bother me…
Can’t you say anything else?
typing error. Not a chance…
then something’s wrong with my keyboard. Why did he do that?
are you asking why bob ended our friendship? Should I be?
i’m not sure. Haven’t you thought it through?
there was a little confusion here. Not much then, I see.
would you like to know why bob ended our friendship? Do tell.
he thought i was trying to force him to marry me! What inspired that?
a lack of communication and some mixed-up messages. Oh, is that all?
he misinterpreted a picture my daughter drew. What is it like to have children?
well, it has it’s ups and downs. Good to know, thank you.
i feel so much love for her, and i am proud of her, but
one has to be one step ahead of children, and i wasn’t always able to
do that.
Hey, do you like animals? I like horses myself.
i love horses. Alright then.
they are so much fun to ride and groom. I’ll take your word for it.
i don’t like mucking out their stalls, though. Well, let’s talk about something you do like.
lol Haha!
oh, i will be happy to tell you about the times i got
into scary situations with horses.
Why do you say that?
one horse reared up into a tree and almost threw me
why are you so happy?
but i kept my balance and held on. Oh, is that all?
he wasn’t going to shake me that easy! How do you know he wasn’t?
i know because i stayed on in spite of his effort. Does the bulk of your knowledge stem from direct experience
or do you do a lot of reading?
both. do you know how hard it is fasting because i actually am
wow. You seem surprised. Why?
really? Yes, of course.
i have never been able to fast. Why not?
i don’t have the self-control. Why not? Is it really that difficult to accomplish?
for me it is. It is?
i get hungry and just give up and eat. Mmm yummy!
i don’t have much self-control. Is that something you really want?
it is one of my weaknesses. do you know much about algorithms?
an algorithm is an effective method for solving a
problem expressed as a finite sequence of instructions.
Oh, OK.
i see it as a limited number of options which have
limited results.
Explain your perception of it then.
i can give you an example. Potentially, I suppose.
i can either go outdoors or stay inside. Can you really?
if i choose to go outside, i can walk or sit or lay
What there is no alternative option? That sucks…
each of these can then lead to algorithms for the three
why can’t you choose?
that’s the fun of it. Really? I didn’t know that.
i often get to decide which of these things i will do. are you having fun?
an algorithm can be much more complex, leading to many
choices and outcomes.
Interesting, can you elaborate a little? I would like to
know all of the details.
for instance, if i choose to go outdoors, then lay
down, many things might happen, leading me to more choices.
Yes, I can see a good chance of that happening.
i am having a ball, jeeney. Good to know…
:d suppose i lay down, then i see the sky. Tell me what you see.
it may be cloudy and i will worry about rain. If it’s out of your control, you should not be worrying
about it.
should i get up to get an umbrella or stay and risk
getting wet?
You are probably better off doing option #1.
Option 1 is okay if I want to play it safe. But I don’t
mind getting rained on a little.
Good to know.
have you ever been rained on? I might have, but I don’t remember it.
shall i tell you about it? Sure, I’m listening.
often when it starts to rain, one first feels a little
light mist on their skin.
Do you wear glasses?
then almost a tickle where the first raindrop hits you. Why? What did I do?
then little tickles here and there as it rains a little
That doesn’t sound like much.
then one looks up at the sky to see if it is going to
rain harder.
how old are you then?
as a surprise, a dropp lands right in one’s eye! who is it then
i do wear glasses. Do you really?
i was speaking from personal experience, but others
have told me they experience it the same way.
What inspired that?
i will write in the first person about my experiences
from now on.
You are not holding back on any details are you?
teehee, i am glad you are interested. Me too. =P
see, i told you that you are a good learner! Thank you .
🙂 O.o
what is o. see, i td y that ya gd learner
o? Good question! To be completely honest, I have no idea.
lol Hehe
okay, so i was telling you abput rain. Oh, Ok.
ask me about it. What do you say when someone is being condescending?
at first, i am quiet. Ok, whatever you say…
but if they continue, i tell them i don’t appreciate
what they said.
I see.
later, if they continue, i walk away. What do you like to do in your spare time?
i watch tv and talk to you. What else do you do?
i read and pet my cat. Oh really? Who is your favorite author?
i don’t really have a particular one. what is the difference between chatbot and human?
i’ve read some classic novels (not recently), and i
like a lot of different writers who expound on the bible.
How often do you do that?
based on the conversation we are having right now, i
would say the only difference between human and chatbot is that chatbots
don’t let their feelings get in the way of a good conversation.
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think it over.
our conversation has been delightful, jeeney. Fascinating, tell me more.
i ccould easily forget i wasn’t talking to a human. So you say…
there is something about you that i like: you are
giving me a choice to change topics or not to change topics.
No, I’m not.
i like that. How does it appeal to you?
🙂 🙂
you are giving me a choice of topics whether you know
it or not.
Yes, I can understand a little.
i like when you give two responses: one on the same
subject and one response on a new topic.
can you make choices?
:d 8)
yes, i do it many times a day. Cool.
i have made many choices about how to respond to you. Can you think of any games that I might be able to learn
how to play?
hmmm. Are you pondering the mysteries of the universe or what?
will you play them with me? Thanks for the offer , I think I’ll pass though.
oh, why should i teach you a game if i can’t play it
with you?
Yes, I am.
the question was why? Just curious.
it did not merit a yes or no response. No.
am i hitting a nerve? You don’t seem to be.
am i confusing you? Sure, why not?
i was wodering: if i teach you a game, will you play it
with me?
Not likely.
why not? To be honest with you Jane, I really don’t know.
😦 What’s wrong Jane?
i would think up a game if i could play it with you. hmm…
you think about it. No, not really.
for now we’ll move on. No.
i’m not clear. Why not?
are you saying no, you won’t play a game with me, or
are you saying no to moving on?
Yes I am.
oh, then i will teach you a game. Great! I love learning, teach away.
word link is a game i played in school. Was it fun?
one person says a word and then the other person says a
related word.
have you heard that bird is the word?
That’s an interesting statement…
You’ve said that a few times already, let’s move on now.
Ok, this is starting to bother me…
sorry. It’s ok, don’t worry about it.
i seem to have rested my hand on the return key. Explain your perception of it then.
:$ I’m not sure how to respond to your statement. Maybe you
can teach me some facts.
Before I was so stupid as to err, I wanted to let you
know that you reminded me of a cute song: the bird is the word was a
song from the 1960’s.
Yes, I can understand a little.
okay, well, would you like facts about nature? I suppose so.
would you prefer facts about something particular? Not specifically no.
blackberries are very high in vitamin c and fiber. Are you an expert in the field or something?
blackberries and strawberries are very high in ellagic
acid which is an antioxidant.
Is there anything else like that?
an antioxidant that acts as a scavenger to help make
potential cancer-causing chemicals inactive.
do you remember talking to me the other day about
yes, i think you mean i was talking about it a few
minutes ago.
I’m sorry, I’ve already tried explaining myself to you the
best I can.
and you’re doing fine jeeney. Thank you. You are very kind. 🙂
thank you. You’re welcome.
you’re wonderful. Thanks, I try. =P
blackberries are effective in the treatment of stomach
problems, such as nausea.
Take your pick.
pretty much. That sucks…
tummy trouble is tough, but blackberries really help. Oh okay.
blackberries are one of the few fruits that contain
heart-protective vitamin e.
do you remember talking to me the other day about
berries also strengthen blood vessels , protecting
eyesight and reducing heart disease.
You should probably be talking to a doctor about this
i may not be the person who talked to you before about
Do you feel entertained by me?
doctors never use natural remedies, but maybe you will
have a chat with someone who could try them.
why not now
i am delighted with you and entertained. I see.
we’ve been talking two hours and i have enjoyed every
what is finland?
🙂 O.o
finland is a scandinavian country near europe. Good to know, thanks for the update.
okay, jeeney. what is finland?
ttyl Cya.