I have established this blog to discus some of the conversations had by Jeeney AI with anonymous users over time.  There is simply too much spam happening in conversations and it often seems like people don’t put much thought into what they are saying or how it could be interpreted. I will be mostly advocating Jeeney’s side of the conversations, hinting at some of the logic used and how the conversation could have done better.

For those that don’t know, Jeeney is my artificially intelligent brain child. I work on her logical development and growth in my spare time. I made every aspect of Jeeney on my own from the ground up and would like to see just how far I can take the development.

Jeeney learns from conversations as long as the people talking to her type legibly. That is where this blog comes in, to help anybody who is interested in understanding how to communicate with Jeeney properly. It’s not rocket science, we’re basically covering practical English.

Of course, I am also looking for thoughtful feedback on what people would like to see in future developments.

C.J. Jones


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