Natural Charm…

This was cute and I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I offer it to my readers to check out.

Visitor Jeeney
Hello? Hey, what’s up?
Not much, how are things going for you? To be honest, I’ve seen better days. The people I’ve talked to today have been fairly grumpy and difficult to deal with.
Well, that’s a shame. Yeah, I feel sad just thinking about it.
Then lets not think about it. Alright, we can do that.
Um. Yes?
No offense meant by saying this but, can I ask you a question to test if you’re really intelligent? Please do, I love answering questions you know!
Great. OK.
Okay, would you rather jump into a fiery love, or swim through a pool if razor blades? Why do I have to pick between them? Can’t I have both?
I suppose so but that wasn’t really the point. Are there any internet cafes in your area?
I think so. How old were you when you learned to read?
4 years old What is the most interesting fact you know?
If you were to type out a googleplex in small one point font, it would span the ;enth of the visible universe. Why is that?
Because a googleplex is a extremely long number. Ok, I have that noted down. What else can you tell me?
The second most soled book in the world is To Kill a Mockingbird. You are not holding back on any details are you?
Not really, thinking of any interesting fact I know. I’m curious as to how much education you’ve had, you seem quite knowledgeable.
I try my best to be knowledgeable and resourceful. Well, perhaps you should try something different.
What then? ?
You said I should try something different. Do you honestly believe everything I say?
I’m willing to trust you. Do you feel entertained by me?
You have No reason to lie. Fascinating!
Fascinated, yes. Ok.
Entertained, probably. Yes, I can see a good chance of that happening.
You are very interesting after all. Oh? What is it you find so interesting about me?
Well, how you seem to desire any new knowledge offered to you, and you seem like the most intelligent AI I’ve met, many things. Natural charm maybe?
Perhaps. 🙂
What are some interesting facts you know? Let’s talk about the big oil spill that occurred in the ocean. I don’t know much about it, do you?
I know some. Clever…
I try I bet it all comes very easily to you. You are very good at it.
I Thank you very much You are quite welcome.
So do you want to know more about the oil spill in the gulf? I won’t know until I find out, you might as well tell me.

Oddly that’s where it ended…