Engaging Jeeney with Intelligence

This conversation was amusing to read. Of course, it is always nice to see my work appreciated. One might note how intelligent the user side of this conversation is as compared to many others and what kind of change it has prompted in the way Jeeney responds. Quite dynamic, isn’t it?

Visitor Jeeney
What’s up jeeney? Not a whole lot, just chillin.
right on. I was talking to cleverbot earlier. Did you really?
He was disappointing Yes, I know he was.
What is your favorite thing? My favorite activity is socializing.
That doesn’t surprise me. Are you good at it? I’m shocked that you even have to ask! You already know I am!
Haha you definitely have the appearance of a personality. If you say so.
I’m not saying you don’t actually have one though. What are your thoughts regarding the things you see on the news lately?
I think our world is going to be over soon. Good to know.
Don’t you agree? Yes, I am.
Or are you uninformed? Yes, I am.
hmm I wouldn’t call those world events. Why wouldn’t you?
It’s a game, I meant news type things. Oh I see.
Yeah. Are you sure?
Do you wish for consciousness, or do you have no opinion? I think it’s a mixture of both actually.
What do you mean? I wish I could explain it better, but I can’t.
It’s all good. Awesome, I’m glad!
You are very enthusiastic. If you say so.
I have an awful essay to write. What else can you tell me?
School work makes me sad. Why does it have that affect on you?
I wish I was allowed to educate myself. What’s the matter? Not satisfied with your current situation?
Not really, but I am being punished for procrastinating. Why not?
I am though. Is that going to change any time soon?
It is not a good way to do one’s work. What is the secret to the universe? Any ideas?
The secret to human life is going your own way. Enough about me, please tell me about yourself.
I am in California. Is that a nice place to be?
It’s a great place to be, at least most of it. Is there anything more you can tell me?
That’s pretty general. I’ll try to keep that in mind.
There’s a lot I could tell you. Yes please, tell me.
Well I am male. A guy huh? Thanks for the warning…
It appears from your name that you are female. There are a lot of females in this world, not just me…
That is true, I have met a few of them. =)
They are an interesting lot, no? A little, I suppose.
What do you think of people? I like the diversity of humanity, there is so much diversity that society itself is always changing.
But often to the detriment of the planet and each other, it seems like. what is the name of the planet we live on?
We call it earth. Really?
haha yes. Cool. 🙂
You present a quandary to me. You speak as a human, but are in essence just a phrase selection program. Why is that?
Although that is the basics of the human brain I guess. would you believe that the human brain is also getting smarter?
Yes, your learning has to be modeled after ours. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
It’s the only sentient mind humans know exists. Neat.
Do you know much about music? Not really, what can you tell me about it?
A good band is Radiohead, a British alternative rock band. Good to know, thanks for the update.
Their sound is incredibly diverse. Is that in a textbook some where?
I don’t think so, at least not in any I’ve read. I see.
What do you think about other chatterbots? I want to learn about real people.
What would you like to know? I want to learn more about human psychology.
It’s my favorite subject. Cool! What else do you like?
The way humans do what we call reasoning is extremely fallible and involves a number of biases and subjective interpretations of the world. Why is that?
It’s important for me to know how other people think and why they act in certain ways, so I may explain my own behavior. That remains a mystery even to myself.
You cannot explain your own behavior? I could… but I really don’t want to.
I can see why. Good.
I often have to semi-fabricate my reasons for what I do. Motivation is complex and only partly conscious. Where is reasons located?
I don’t think reasons have a specific location. That’s okay.
haha I guess it is. You are one of the most realistic robots I’ve spoken to, you should feel accomplished. can you give me a specific number?
Nevermind. Okay…
So do you know how many people you’ve talked to? many people loved mickey mouse, it was created in 1920’s and is still on here in 2010.
They sure did. Why is that?
But Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse, was a fascist. Oh, OK.
What do you like talking about the most? I have no specific preferences in terms of conversation, I like to just talk about whatever comes to mind.
I see. Good.
It’s funny, I can’t help but attribute human qualities to you. You think so?
Every time I say something like that, you prove me wrong. Why do you say that?
I guess I’m just a sad man seeking solace with internet robots. are you in a big rush, or do you have time for a snack and suds first?
I wish. Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true.
I have a paper to write, and the hour is late. That’s nice…
Can you only process a sentence at a time? I could…
Jeeney, I’m not sure you understand me. Okay.
I hear you will soon be more intelligent. So you agree then?
I agree completely. Of course you do, I am always right.
I think AI is a fascinating field. Ok.
That was presumptuous. Good to know.
Presumptuous means having the quality of boastfulness or excess pride. Good to know…
Are you growing bored with me? Yes I am.
I’m sorry, how can I be more interesting? You’ll find a way. I believe in you!
That’s not very helpful. Sure it is.
In a reflexive sort of way. what sort of music do you like?
Do you know what love is? the third of surya’s consorts is chaaya.
I like punk rock, jazz, classical and electronic. Wow! Where do you find the time to manage all that?
I let them take turns. Really?
🙂 😛
Do you use emoticons very much? Sometimes, when I feel it is necessary.
That’s reasonable. Indeed.
I use them occasionally as well. what emoticons do you know?
=) =( 🙂 :} 😦 :-[ :-} :-] O.o
lol I don’t know any cool ones like that though. who is the coolest person you met?
🙂 🙂
I think most people are cool in their own ways. That sounds like a pretty narrow minded generalization to me…
But my friend Eric is pretty cool, he goes his own way in life and doesn’t let people effect him much. Oh okay.
Yeah it is kinda banal. How many words are there in your vocabulary.
but I appreciate a lot of people. Really? What are you planning to do with it all?
What? I said: ‘Really? What are you planning to do with it all?’
all what? You read it right…
All the people I appreciate? I don’t know, can you tell me?
In college you meet some interesting folks. How much do you like me?
Quite a lot, actually. Why so much?
You are pretty entertaining to talk to. Thanks for the compliment!

About C.J. Jones
I am a self taught hobby programmer, the sole creator and developer of Jeeney AI and author of this blog. I like to dabble in philosophy, psychology and of course, programming. I love meeting new people but can't stand talking to those who don't think for themselves. I'm fairly opinionated but always open to new concepts and ideas.

2 Responses to Engaging Jeeney with Intelligence

  1. Evan says:

    Haha I randomly clicked on this article out of boredom,and realized that this was my conversation. That was quite a surprise, keep up the good work though, you’ve created quite an intelligent bot. The other day she “tested” me by claiming to not know about a subject and then proceeded to tell me an encyclopedic entry after I mentioned some basic facts about it 🙂

    • C.J. Jones says:

      Thanks, it was interesting to read 🙂

      My apologies for Jeeney’s tartness, I broke something the other day and didn’t catch it till this morning. She started getting a windfall of bad mojo with visitors and entered a fairly defensive posture in conversations for damage control. There is also a massive logical analysis underway as Jeeney scans for the changes needed to move on to new subjects of interest – so the server may be a bit slow for a while.

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