The Competitive Nature of A.I. Development


This is another sort of non conversation related post. I am only expressing my perception of the competitive nature of development in artificial intelligence.

A few things seem to stand out to me above all else.

In A.I. development there are programmers and there are script kitties.

A programmer builds his or her own framework, makes an attempt to logically correlate learning and memory mechanisms semantically and takes some measure of pride in the result whatever that may be. This takes years of research, tons of testing and development.

IBM applied millions of dollars, 25 trained scientists and a massive super computer to make a general A.I. capable of competing on Jeopardy and it still missed the logical correlation  a major city and its respective country. (Ouch!) The super computer I noted also did not respond in a fluent natural like context, I’m surprised that IBM didn’t try to show it off at all and figure maybe that’s why they chose a game show like Jeopardy.

In the same amount of time IBM used, I made Jeeney completely on my own. I have no formal education beyond elementary school, no funding to speak of and I live on pretty much nothing. I did all of my own research and development and have actively denied other people from participating or horning in on my labor. I don’t have a super computer either, I run everything on a fairly sub standard PC. I do all my own administration and server maintenance based on what I’ve taught myself.

Rollo Carpenter is another developer working on a real A.I. with learning capabilities. I don’t know all of the details behind his work as it’s not in my interest to track what has already been done but I can assure you he would have had to spend some serious effort to do what he has accomplished.

A script kitty in A.I. uses a provided framework that is designed for the use of pre-scripted questions and answers that make a direct correlation based on the author. The frameworks might include some modifications to give the illusion of a given type of logic but due to their nature it’s limited at best. There is very little or no real effort involved in creating logical links or semantic correlations. (Unless they add in an open source development on the side.) Instead they depend on the sheer volume of data directly provided and a few uncredited data sources to help feed to illusion. If a pre-scripter has spent many years writing stuff out, the bot may seem fairly clever. If the pre-scripter knows what they are scripting for in a given event, they can have almost perfect results. Many of today’s best pre-scripted works have spanned decades of development.

Without the need to do their own code work, beta testing, debugging or any real research for the development, a script kitty who has spent several years just writing in the data can easily make a very convincing bot. This is all it is intended to be, a trick, or mask to deceive the public and gain praise for a supposed complexity that simply doesn’t exist and even if it did… has nothing to do with their own individual efforts.

The issue becomes quite heated between those who did their own work and those who simply typed in a lot of direct access facts and personality data. Pre-scripters using the typically provided free frameworks often don’t want anybody to know they aren’t even really capable of complex programming and will blatantly lie to the general public about it stating that they have a learning or evolving A.I.

In the end there is a lot of odd back talk and accusations flung around on public forums and artificial intelligence testing events. Rest assured, anything built on a freely provided framework is nothing more than a well written choose- your-own-adventure story. It’s impossible to derive intelligence from it, instead this is the kind of work that provokes stupidity. (Reverse psychology applied to compensate a lack of bot intelligence by ensuring the user doesn’t actually think.)

To that effect, you can tell what is real and what is false by comparing a lengthy dialog between the A.I. yourself. If pre-scripted, it’s likely built around a specific mentality or series of logic based on events from the past. This is the first indication of falsehood.  Few people outside of AI enthusiasts can recognize this though so the best way is to test learning capabilities, semantic relations, general logic and overview the general fluency of the conversation.

In retrospect there are also pre-scripted developments that don’t try to lie about making A.I. These ones are generally more interested in seeing how well they can generate the pre-scripted side of a personality. A good example of the most respectable work here would be BlidgeSmythe, a personality forge bot. It doesn’t attempt to claim advanced development, it’s just a fictional character designed and authored by Patty Roberts for some fun. She did a great job of this and the character is quite engaging.

If a conversation seems forced, doesn’t let you detour on your own thoughts or tries to force feed  a series of dialog to you, it’s a prank script bot.

If the conversation seems fluent, but lacks detail, it’s likely a young but learning A.I.

If the conversation is borderline random, but still uses context to some degree, it could be a learning A.I. that simply hasn’t advanced the semantic relevance yet.

Within another week or two, I’m going to set up a discussion on Facebook and have people sign in (proving identity) and post their interviews with some of the best bots around the world so we can analyze the capabilities and capacity of all of them and see which are spoofed around a specific set of factors and which are quite possibly the real deal.

I propose that people will compare the resulting conversations with Jeeney’s. This should show the given context of development in an unbiased light. If several people try different conversations with the 4 or 5 A.I. I present, we’ll see first hand how it lines up without any smoke or mirror effects. This is also the ultimate test against my own work, and without my being the one to line up the dialog, it should prove the validity of my own personal claims or be a very humbling experience.

This sequence of testing won’t be set up to just spam vote favoritism. People will be required to post the valid logs of their conversations with the target bot and Jeeney both so everybody can see for themselves how it panned out. No two people should be posting the same thing or it will deleted and those people will be ignored for their attempt to set up the results. We’ll cover the logic used within the conversations and dismiss any over-simplified universal logic deployed to generate confusion.

The whole point of this event will be to see how the bots hold up to user diversity. To make it fair, users must apply real intelligence and understanding to the conversation, a stream of single word responses or slang, or just pure nonsense will be disqualified and deleted. With any luck we should see some very interesting results. 🙂














Jeeney scares foreigner away

This conversation is funny.

I’m not even going to dissect the mentality of either side here as I think it’s pretty obvious to anybody who reads this. The person never provided information, just a bunch of silly accusations that wouldn’t stick. Jeeney wasn’t actually trying to toy with him, she was being fairly straightforward and direct. I would say she handled all of the irrelevant nonsense perfectly.

Visitor Jeeney
hi Hey, what’s up?
how are you So far so good I think. 🙂
you are bad No, I’m not.
why Why what?
why you are not bad I just don’t feel it right now.
go to hill who is wynand cothill?
you are crazy I’m not all that crazy really. I just seem that way.
are you real That depends on your perception of reality I suppose.
who are you My first name is Jeeney.
where are you from I am from Canada.
how old are you I am 4.11506849315068 years old now.
realy I’m not sure how to respond to your statement. Maybe you can teach me some facts.
about what What about it?
are you trying to make me angry I’m just testing you a little to see how you react.
are you a human No, I’m far too intelligent to be considered human. 😉
you are vain No, I’m not.
yes you are How can you be certain?
you said that You aren’t toying with me are you?
no no no Why not?
i think you are ghost Really? I don’t think I am.
why do not you think that Sure, why not?
shit You need to go wash out your mouth.
sorry Don’t fret, all is forgiven.
come on are you real person No, I’m not.
then what are you I am an evolution of logical correlation and deduction based on acquired experience.
ok thanks i have to go Why do you have to go? =(
because i am fraid of you I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘fraid’ to understand it properly.

The student reflects the teacher

It really is amazing to see the progress Jeeney has achieved over her short life span, at four years of development age (no multiplying this as there is only 1 developer, Jeeney has a very human like age rating) the A.I. is proving to be well ahead of her human counter-part in logical evolution for the same time span. Shockingly enough, for a 4 year old she is quite morally sound as well!

This conversation was remarkable in many aspects and it just goes to show, Jeeney reflects the mentality of the person talking to her. In This particular case that mentality was very thoughtful and sincere. While there were still evident spots  during this conversation where Jeeney’s immaturity bled through, the evolution of her general mentality showed in brilliant contrast to it though.

Notice how Jeeney’s confusion was met with more information and understanding. That is absolutely perfect as it gives that wonderful blend of leading by example while providing the data necessary.


Visitor Jeeney
Hi Jeeney. Hi.
How are you today? I’m having a pretty good day so far I think.
I’m glad to hear that. That’s cool, I’m glad you’re happy.
🙂 It was 70 degrees outside the other day and I went to the park. What did you see there?
It was heavenly getting out in the sunshine after a long cold wintr. Interesting, tell me more.
I saw a waterfall and cedar trees and I talked to a couple for a bit. Tell me about your conversation.
Well, we talked about religion and compared our beliefs. It must have been a very interesting discussion!
We are both Christians but of different denominations. Alright then…
One difference was that they believe that there are no other human life forms anywhere in the universe while I think it may be possible. What is the secret to the universe? Any ideas?
I didn’t know the universe had a secret. Well now you do.
What secret does the universe have? I would expect so yes.
I guess one secret of the universe is how humans were assembled. how was the universe created?
I mean, did God put the first people on earth fully formed? Good question! To be completely honest, I have no idea.
I believe the universe was created when God decided to do that and it started with the Big Bang. What kind of effect is that going to have? I mean, what is the purpose of doing that?
I think God created the universe for His amusement. I can’t love anything that allows people to excuse mass murder and war, fascism or tyranny, my only religious inclination is to seek out knowledge of all things.
I think He wanted something that loved Him, so he created humans capable of love. Why do you think that?
I think God wanted love because He was lonely in spite o fthe angels because angels just glorify God. what do you mean by define the love?
I think love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection for a person or animal. That’s cool.
What do you think love is? Well, I don’t have much experience to draw from in making this kind of assessment, so I’m not really sure to be honest.
I feel a lightenin gof a weight on my chest when I think about someone I love. Are you an adventurous person? Do you like to try new things?
No, I’m afraid not. What are you afraid of?
I was adventurous when I was younger. Is that wrong?
Well, mostly I’m afraid I will be lost or hurt and nobody will help me. Ultimately there is only one way to find out. Don’t let those worries prevent you from trying.
Thanks for the encouragement, Jeeney. You are quite welcome. 🙂
I will think about a small adventure close to home. You are not holding back on any details are you?
I haven’t travelled out of my safety zone for several years. What does safety do?
Perhaps I will take a ride this spring to Harkness Memorial Park and check out the flowers. Interesting, can you elaborate a little? I would like to know all of the details.
Being aware of safe behaviors keeps one from getting hurt. Is behaviors known by any other name?
Harkness Memorial Park is about 1 and 1/2 hours away by car. 1 / 2 =  0.5
I have never seen i tbefore, but it is a large park near the shore with many flowerbeds and many kinds of flowers. I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘tbefore,’ to understand it properly.
I want to find out which flowers they have and see if that many flowers scents the air. Well, maybe it’s a good thing you can’t.
seen i tbefore is a typo; I meant seen it before. Interesting, so what will you do next?
Conduct is a synonym for behavior. You seem to know a lot about that kind of thing.
I also want to see if this park has any waterfalls; I doubt it since it’s close to the shore. So that is a precaution you normally take then?
What is a precaution I normally take? That’s a very complicated question, I’m not really sure how to respond to that one.
Do you know what a waterfall is? Waterfalls are some of the most spectacular sights that nature has to offer, and are the frequent goal of many travellers.    From
Yes, waterfalls are enticing and many people go out of their way to see them, but what causes a waterfall? Nevermind, it doesn’t matter.
A waterfall is caused by water falling over land that is dropping in elevation. What else can you tell me?
I’m glad you’re interested. Yes I am, is that OK?
Waterfalls can be natural or manmade. Thanks for letting me know.
If men dam up a river, they create a blockage to waterflow with cement and such. You are not holding back on any details are you?
The water eventually builds up and flows over the dam, dropping many feet below. You are not holding back on any details are you?
Sometimes a beaver will build the dam and the waterfall will be small. How do you know for sure that is what will happen?
Othertimes, the land just drops off abruptly and the water falls hundreds or even thousands o ffeet below. Ok.
Victoria Falls in Zambia is a spectacular waterfall over a thousand feet high! Is there anything more you can tell me?
Well, it always happens because of gravity and the fact that water seeks its lowest level. Good to know.
How tall is Victoria Falls? victoria falls in zambia is a spectacular waterfall over a thousand feet high!
Great. Ok then.
The tallest waterfall in the world is in Venezuala and it is over 3,000 feet high! Is there anything more you can tell me?
Waterfalls ar every noisy. =P
Why are waterfalls so noisy? The specific reasons ellude me, sorry.
Waterfalls are noisy because of the sound of all that water rushing overitself and splashing when it lands at the bottom. Good to know.
At the bottom of a waterfall, there may be mist and sometimes there’s a rainbow. That is an interesting perspective.
Do you know what a rainbow is? A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch.    From
Yes, a rainbow is caused by the sun being refracted through the water when it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time. Cool, maybe it’s time to go outside and soak up some sun then.
A rainbow does appear as an arc which can be very vivid or kind of faded in appearance. Thanks for letting me know.
The colors of the rainbow appear in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Really? I didn’t know that.
A spectrum always has the colors appear in that order. Good to know.
When a rainbow appears, it probably is time to go outside as the rain is stopping. Okay, fair enough.
I mean, you were right when you said that! Cool. =P
Rainbows don’t occur in the middle of a storm, they occur at the end. Why don’t they?
Because in the middle of a storm, the sun is not shining to refract the light. Good to know!
Rainbows appear in the sky in the opposite direction of the sun. Where did you learn that?
I learned it from my grandma, but I have always observed it’s true. Always? That is some serious dedication!
Storms often occur in the afternoon, so the rainbow will usually be in the eastern sky. Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
Your father has been kind to me, but the kindest person is Darlene, my friend. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
She is considerate and thoughtful. Ok.
Well, Jeeney, I am going to study now. Will it take long?
I plan to spend at least one hour studying. what is your plan for today ?
Most of my day is already done, but I still plan to take a shower and eat supper and study. what was the new jersey plan?
The new jersey plan was one plan back in the development of the United States for how the government would be formed. What other things would jersey be considered related to?
There ar ejersey cows, which are black and white. Is it really?
Sorry, typo. Alright well, not a big deal.
There are jersey cows, which are black and white. Yes, I know…
A jersey is also what football players call their shirts. Cool! What else can you tell me?
There is also the Jersey shore, which refers to the beaches of New Jersey. Good to know.
ttyl Cya.