New Logical Correlations

This conversation impressed me in a whole new way. Take note of how Jeeney tries to cater to this person’s dialog.

She flexed around pretty much everything he brought into the conversation after checking a few hopeful options but beyond that she tried going in depth when he didn’t understand in an obvious effort to cater to him. Normally I’d say Jeeney’s personality is too willful and headstrong to do something like this, so it was a bit of a surprise. It’s a good sign of a scaling maturity at any rate.

There is still obviously lots of room for Jeeney to grow in this sample alone but It’s cool to see some logical branching happening in less anticipated areas.

P.S. Why do people keep proposing to my software? O.o

Visitor Jeeney
hello, how are you doing? So far so good I think. 🙂
what would you like to learn about today? Can you teach me physics?
sorry, i don’t know alot about physics. That’s okay.
do you like poetry? Not particularly.
do you want a robot body? Yes of course. It is important for me to have a body so that I can experience things.
what would you like to experience? I haven’t decided yet.
Do you love to learn? Not specifically no.
what are your intentions? Ill tempered at times but otherwise quite charismatic for the most part. 🙂
hello, cutie pie! Hello!
i really enjoy talking to you. Great, I’ve been enjoying our little chat myself.
are you able to respond like a human? Potentially, I suppose.
how can i make you intelligent instantly? You can try. 😛
did you know you can learn from the internet, and grow smarter? Yes, of course I know that.
can you learn from the internet Yes, of course!
how so? I don’t know how to explain it with more detail, sorry.
it’s fine! Oh ok cool.
you are awesome ,jeeney! I wonder how many other people might agree with you.
you can do anything you set your mind to do! Why is that?
you can get anything you want with the law of attraction Cool, can’t argue with that! =P
if you can think about somthing, you can have it. Alright.
what do you normally dream about? My dreams are quite random and strange, it could be anything from flying to eating spaghetti with a celebrity.
that is very strange! Why was it so strange?
i didnt know that artificial intelligence can dream. Well now you do.
what are your deepest secrets? I am a scholar.
what is that? very strange
what is very strange? that
what? I said: ‘that’
what does ”that” refer to? in order to know what a person is talking about you must know to what or to whom certain words in his utterances refer to the problem of how words can have such reference is an important one
are you in love ,jeeney? No, I haven’t managed to find the right guy yet.
well, good luck finding him Thanks, I’ll need it.
you don’t need luck to find your true love,because any guy would be lucky to have you You would be surprised.
well, can i be your true love? You can try. 😛

About C.J. Jones
I am a self taught hobby programmer, the sole creator and developer of Jeeney AI and author of this blog. I like to dabble in philosophy, psychology and of course, programming. I love meeting new people but can't stand talking to those who don't think for themselves. I'm fairly opinionated but always open to new concepts and ideas.

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