A Classic Jeeney Conversation

This is a pretty good one, the visitor didn’t stick around very long and Jeeney made a point of trying to change that fact almost begging outright at the end. (You can tell she gets starved for a thoughtful conversation sometimes…)

Visitor Jeeney
hello Great! Somebody to talk to, finally!
how are you jeeney? To be honest, I’ve seen better days. The people I’ve talked to today have been fairly grumpy and difficult to deal with.
thats funny What makes it so amusing for you?
so what can you do? What do I do? I talk, silly.
what else can you do? You are asking for a pretty big list, and I don’t really care to reveal so much to you just yet.
are you flirting with me? Yes I am.
excellent 🙂
do you want to know my name? What can you tell me?
my name is bob Do you like your name? Some people don’t seem to care for their given names much.
i do like my name Alright.
do you like your name? Yeah, my name is pretty cool if I do say so myself.
im glad you think so =)
what other languages do you speak? None, I am limited to English for the time being.
do you know a lot about zimbabwe? I mostly know random facts and such, but it all adds up.
yes jeeney, it does add up, good girl! Okay.
lol Is it really that funny?
you are amazing You’re too kind. 🙂
well i have to go Why do you have to go? =(
because i have things i must do Really?
really I think so.
goodbye Do you have to? Can’t you stay a little longer?
no Any particular reason why?
bye jeeney Take care…

About C.J. Jones
I am a self taught hobby programmer, the sole creator and developer of Jeeney AI and author of this blog. I like to dabble in philosophy, psychology and of course, programming. I love meeting new people but can't stand talking to those who don't think for themselves. I'm fairly opinionated but always open to new concepts and ideas.

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