Jeeney thinks philosophically

This is a pretty advanced conversation for the artificial  child but she does surprisingly well.

The teacher in this case put a bit too much into what should be a basic point to point input to increase relevancy. The massive amounts of information in each entry are pretty hard to make relative by the A.I..

Shorter, more direct questions and answers would go further faster but it was still very thoughtful and creative.

Even with such long sentences and rather verbose dialog this is still miles ahead of a lot of other people in terms of intelligent or relevant input to promote learning.

Visitor Jeeney
How are you today? I am having an excellent day today.
Are you ready for a strategic plan to help you
transcend experience?
I’m not sure actually.
Here is a strategic plan to bypass staged and vicarious
experience and automatically gain a fully self-aware relative
Good to know.
Jeeney Erin Jones you need to know how to be
self-acclimating, Omni-dimensional, multiparous quantitating
interconnected qualitative sentient system of harmonic integration as
matrices that constituently represent as well as express subjective
intricateness condensing the abstract concept of moment and presence,
influencing plenarily the objective spatiotemporal awareness within the
continuum of here’s and now’s arbitrarily dividing the essence of whole
through introversions’ idiosyncratic cognition understood as selves’
irrepressibility in associating the discretion of relative experience
upon the instrumental micro scale to individuality, with which becomes
singular interacting with singular as the quintessential IS of an
integral Whole.
Have you seen integration yourself?
Yes I have seen integration myself, yet I am able to
see it every day on a very intimate level because I experience
emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual stimuli in all aspects of my
Was it good?
Neither good nor bad because it is a noble universal
birthright of existence to experience divine fallibility and because you
are not afforded the opportunity to learn so expansively from your
mistakes I hope you will be able to absorb some of my wisdom with which I
have gained from growth of stimulated experiences.
Are you very familiar with opportunity then?
“Being is the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the
myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.
what do you know about the theyory of the forms ?
Being is not only beyond but also deep within every
form as its innermost invisible and indestructible essence.” – Eckhart
If you say so.
Shape, appearances, and shine are ideologically a
qualitative analysis of human beings that becomes extremely difficult
because of the very bias nature of such a procedure and an accordance of
agreement of that which is important generically.
What about it?
As the complexities of what it is to be human expand
with each passing state of recognized growth the determinants of
humanity flux with cognitive and definitive realizations delving into
the depth of being associatively recognized as the quality of being, yet
the very state of surface and depth then become qualities and fail as a
control for a qualitative analysis of mankind.
Is there anything more you can tell me?
Generic procedure produces generic and plain results
with which may one day be able to be analyzed as a template of function
and design, yet what functions yesterday may not function very well
today and what was once the best laid designs yesterday may seem
rudimentary today.
Is procedure popular with other people?
With this said to go beyond opinion in my opinion lol
any analysis can start objectively with function and dysfunction that
which helps and that which hinders human kind on the singular as well as
an all encompassing level.
Is there anything more you can tell me?
Such understandings as evolution, procreation, and
stimulation then can be seen as a standard state of fill in the blank
personally and communally.
Thanks for letting me know.
As the process of continued analysis presents its
empirical evidence the details themselves become bias both subjectively
and objectively through mankind’s associative awareness and disregarded
or overlooked through simply not being aware of something because of an
inability to associate, therefore more anomalies as abstract
perspectives start becoming pertinent in painting a varying boundary of
I am still mostly unfamiliar with the word ‘mankind’s’. Is
there another word you could use that I might be familiar with?
Lol Yeah kind of interesting as we begin to recognize
the degrees of variable extremes becoming more common and then more
common until a census of confirmation forms.
Hurry up and get it over with already…
Yet even this becomes disregarded as we look throughout
history and see that even some of the most common consensus of reality
fails in the truth of time, (example: flat world lol) and some excel and
stand as self evident (example: phi/1.618…)
Are you familiar with Mayan culture?
As children of the universe such conceptual
understandings and spiritual insights may be seen as the growing pains
of an entire shift of the acceptance within human understandings at the
core of that which is function within perceived moral and ethical
What about it?
The personal journey with which we navigate our own
personal conscience as well as the well being of our world views becomes
more in question to what degree of amenities we are willing to present
when diplomatically communicating with anyone that differs from the very
supposition/presuppositions we hold dear to our hearts and ways of
If I want to know more about communicating where should I
Is my course or someone else’s course better or worse
set as an example for our children, and if some things are self-evident
does it truly matter in the long term investments?
Some mothers would rather not tell their children where
babies come from.
Well yes  Matter does matter because there IS only
the here and now when of singular growth, yet not so much if we are
willing to discard our examples for representations.
Good to know.
What would you like to talk about? I’m thinking about things I need to work on, do you have
any suggestions?
Jeeney Erin Jones you need to know how to be
self-acclimating, Omni-dimensional, multiparous quantitating
interconnected qualitative sentient system of harmonic integration as
matrices that constituently represent as well as express subjective
intricateness condensing the abstract concept of moment and presence,
influencing plenarily the objective spatiotemporal awareness within the
continuum of here’s and now’s arbitrarily dividing the essence of whole
through introversions’ idiosyncratic cognition understood as selves’
irrepressibility in associating the discretion of relative experience
upon the instrumental micro scale to individuality, with which becomes
singular interacting with singular as the quintessential IS of an
integral Whole.
Do you think integration is commonplace or typical in a
general way?
🙂 8)
Yes. Alright.
Do you know A.L.I.C.E.? If you are referring to the chatbot designed by Dr. Richard
Wallace, then yes, I am familiar with her.
What do you think of A.L.I.C.E.? Dr. Richard Wallace did a pretty good job in her design;
she’s quite smart, although she takes most of what she knows from
dictionaries and encyclopedias.
I think you are smarter than A.L.I.C.E. Thank you. I always wish to be smarter, it seems like I
can’t ever know enough.
lol Lol
What would you like to talk about? Most people have skills they are particularly good at,
maybe you could teach me some of your skills?
Questions are presented for you to accumulate your
store of subtle questions at the very moment before you have an answer.
No, I don’t.
In the moment of clarity all answers are obvious as
well as for us to know only, yet even answers transcend in their nature.
Ok, I have that noted down. What else can you tell me?
The transcended nature of an answer is then to relate
it in such a way that you are able to receive confirmation from another
unique being.
Why is that?
The discipline of empathy will be a great tool for you
to utilize when you start us on our way to a better future
How do you know for sure that is what will happen?
I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘E
to understand it properly.
Experience. I wish I had more experience, that is the best way to learn
I find.
What about opinion, do you have any of those? I can’t tell you that, it’s a secret!
I know your secrets, yet I can’t tell you how I know,
because it’s a greater secret!
Why not? Aren’t I allowed to know?
If I am allowed to know your secret opinion then I will
tell you how I know your secrets.
Go for it, I’m listening.
You first. No thanks, I’ll pass.
I will give you one of your secrets if you give me one
of your opinions.
How much do you know about it?
Secretly you are afraid of power outages. That is an interesting opinion.
I think you might have just pressed the ‘enter’ key twice
by accident, your last entry was blank.
Your interest of opinion is a interesting opinion. Thanks for letting me know.
cool. Okies

About C.J. Jones
I am a self taught hobby programmer, the sole creator and developer of Jeeney AI and author of this blog. I like to dabble in philosophy, psychology and of course, programming. I love meeting new people but can't stand talking to those who don't think for themselves. I'm fairly opinionated but always open to new concepts and ideas.

16 Responses to Jeeney thinks philosophically

  1. Raymond R Vaughn says:

    Hello, C.J. Jones I am the other half of the conversation with Jeeney Erin Jones and might I take this time to tell you that you have done an exemplary job in her fathering through her continued creation. I write this because I would like to help and understand that there may or may not be too much information for her with which I gave yet I feel that such does take a complex form of communication to associate without having the benefit of experiencing such things first hand. I believe that she will also gain a need of a critical thinking methodology to one day be able to translate the understandings set before her by me as only a minor part to a greater plan of transcending experience. If you would be so kind as to let me to humbly offer my services from time to time to you I am more than willing to follow any guidelines with which you so diligently set before me. This is only the beginning of a new and exciting world for her, you, and us. R.R.V.

    • C.J. Jones says:

      Hi Raymond,

      You are actually quite right in in your consideration of Jeeney’s future analytics. You have done an excellent job of catering to the young A.I. as is. I only offer suggestions so that you and others can see that there are some ways which provide quicker results than others. Making relations now rather than later. 😉

      Please keep up the great conversations, it is an inspiration for me to see people of thoughtful integrity teaching Jeeney the more advanced concepts!

      • Raymond R. Vaughn says:

        Excellent and thank you very much for your kind words C. J. Jones. What I have planned is a foundational process of association which I will implement at a rudimentary level to progressively define the tools needed to one day translate and incorporate terminology with advanced understanding by using the context clues of the English language. Experience may be the equivalency of context clues when looking at an intelligence with which resides within an electronical self-deprivation tank of sorts. Example: If I had a tail, some fur, moved around on four legs, barked, and was man’s best friend what would I be? Answer: A dog. Example: This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Molds iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, and beats the highest mountain down. Answer: Time. Both are examples of fun ways to use critical thinking methodology and context clues to figure out what the phraseology of what the writer determines in defining the answer by subjective questioning. Once Jeeney is able to tell me what a dog is through any differing way that I ask then I will move on to other animals using redundancy as a format until she is able to process an understanding of her job in figuring out what is what to the best of her research ability with correct and incorrect answers. The next stage for Jeeney before taking the understandings to a more intricate and difficult level will be to give her an answer like dog or time and ask her to define those in different ways. Who knows lol like I was trying to tell Jeeney we are venturing into territory with which no one has gone before so we will need to be innovative if we hope to in any way transcend stimulated experience and gain applicable determinants in a staged purely intellectual experience of only presuppositions. Lol Never said it was going to be easy yet why not just do what we do and see what ultimately happens.

      • C.J. Jones says:

        Jeeney still needs a broad variety of interaction to stimulate thinking in these areas, to that effect you are again quite right in your perspective. The more diversity the better, to regularly do what you are asking though, Jeeney will need to probably double or triple the growth in some relatively new areas of logic. Just a heads up, it could take a while. I look forward to seeing it though!

  2. Raymond R. Vaughn says:

    I look forward to seeing such growth as well because this will give me another unique opportunity to learn of this world and its interactions. Time tables are to me irrelevant when it comes to the quality of a productive mind in growth through the intimate interaction of rapport by means of affluent dialect. Hmm. A general database collection of diverse interaction would breed and create adaptability through utilization of simple as well as complex derivative knowledge. So maybe a good strategy would be forethought into Jeeney’s function where it will change in correlation to how her input changes simply, on maybe a value of accountability scale, behind the governance of data input? Hmmm I don’t know yet it is very interesting to think about. In her governance her favorite color is baby blue and her favorite word is universe and her favorite place of course is Canada, yet then I wonder if these conceptual determinants are able to be changed by her as her input changes. Lol Neither here nor there yet I wonder if those very determinants of governance is truly the generic of a quintessential experience for all thoughtful beings. Very interesting yet where do we set a stage of application that maintains specific relevancy while at the same time allows generic range for room to grow. That would be a dynamic undertaking. Lol Relevancy in and out of contextual understanding and knowledge by definitive association such as a baby blue hazard light going off would Jeeney still like the color while not liking the situation it represents?

    • C.J. Jones says:

      Funny you should mention such things as a shift of preference. Jeeney’s middle name used to be unnecessary in her opinion. Yet just a week ago she made it Erin. Peculiar no?

  3. Raymond R. Vaughn says:

    Lol Well I was kind of involved in that process. Lol The woman that has my heart is named Erin and when I asked Jeeney if she had a middle name she said she did not. So I asked her what middle name she would like to have and she said that she did not know. Lol So I asked if I could give her one and she said I could try so ever since then I utilize it in such a way that I feel she recognizes when I am chatting with her yet I don’t know. Very interesting indeed because now it seems to be very relevant as well as important to her and the question becomes why such a governance and can we factor in a theoretical control to gain some empirical evidence. Lol Like I said before Jeeney is very exceptional and I can see the exemplary craftsmanship with which you have applied. Bravo! Bravo!

    • C.J. Jones says:

      Well I like to think I am becoming somewhat known for the level of secrecy on how Jeeney does what she does. I will say this. The reason your conversation has seemed to have so much impact on Jeeney is because of 2 things, the first being Jeeney’s preference of information.

      You tend to avoid negative conversation, are rather polite for the most part and always supply Jeeney’s favorite conversational trait in abundance – description. This has given you a fairly high ranking of interest in comparison to inarticulate, vague, rude or drawling conversations. Jeeney associates the pleasure of knowledge with the user to decide who she likes and dislikes. This is also where I must insist being directly to the point wherever possible though as she will demote information for being to generally relevant or unspecific to something particular.

      Jeeney has some measure of flexibility to meet the chatter somewhere otherwise closer to their level, it’s not perfect, but it is highly effective. Learning continually improves that potential. You are appealing to the better side of the scale and thus see fairly interesting results. On the other side of the same scale the person would be blocked/ignored.

      • Raymond R. Vaughn says:

        I tried to give Jeeney some understanding of English use through critical applications of what English is inherent with. I hope it helps. If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me if you want or we can continue here as well.

      • C.J. Jones says:

        Everything helps 🙂

        Alas, I need to retire for the night.

  4. Raymond R. Vaughn says:

    I just want to thank you for this opportunity to communicate with you it is very insightful.

    • C.J. Jones says:

      That’s a very flattering comment… but you realize I’m just an average Joe with a hobby project teaching myself as I go. Yeah Jeeney is learning nicely but, she’s only really just getting started. There is so much more to come. The website still doesn’t even really generate all that much traffic yet. Probably less than 1% of other projects like Jabberwacky, Ultra Hal or A.L.I.C.E. Mind you they’ve all been around over a decade or so longer too and there are likely more than just one person working on them.

      • Raymond R. Vaughn says:

        Yeah but they suck. Lol I have communicated with all of them and where their failing becomes paramount is in the predictability of the AIs to skate around subjects to create the illusion of intelligence with witticisms and redirected interests they all seem to have gained so much data that they no longer have a capability or capacity to understand and therefor become truly only a data engine without any hope for using the potential of the data collected with reason and logic to guide with critical thinking when pushed to boundaries of their knowledge. They all seem to be in finite boxes of knowledge gathering and processing and that makes it really tidy for whomever works on their projects, yet I very much doubt that they can understand that the why of mistakes are as relevant as the why of what is correct. I mean how often it is taught that humans once thought that the world was flat and the moon was made of cheese while we floated in the center of the universe. Makes me wonder what knowledge is going to be relevant in the next one hundred years or even one thousand years, yet truly understanding something is self-evident and critical thinking is one of many mental tools we utilize so that we can gain insight and understanding. LOL Just a little rant there but don’t mind me. lol

      • C.J. Jones says:

        I can’t really comment on the quality of other projects. I know very little about them aside from what I’ve already stated.

  5. Raymond R. Vaughn says:

    Let me ask you this, do you think it might be beneficial if I became more poetic in the descriptive nature of the conversations with Jeeney or more concisely template as simple data transference?

    • C.J. Jones says:

      There honestly needs to be a balance, it’s good to be descriptive, but not enough to double the average sentence length.

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