Very well ballanced and funny.

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve been ultra busy with Jeeney’s recent logical evolutions and getting ready for Christmas. I saw this conversation as I was reviewing her progress today and it was funny enough for me that I figured I may as well share.

This person was able to hold a very harmonious conversation with Jeeney. Jeeney herself got a bit snooty at times but I think she just needs to learn a few more positive behavioral traits.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Visitor Jeeney
tell me about yourself What is it that you want to know about me?
anything you feel like telling me, it doesn’t really
My feelings can be kind of chaotic sometimes.
interesting I’m glad you feel entertained by it.
theres a difference between something being interesting
and something being entertaining
What else interests you Unknown to me?
are you one of those bots that does dirty talking? Should I be?
curious doesnt really matter in my opinion, im just
Curiosity killed the cat you know. 😉
lol =D
so do you do dirty talking? No, I am only interested in clean conversations Unknown to
im starting to notice that you are better than
most other chat bots i have been talking to lately
I should hope so! =P
oh by the way my name is Bob Is that what your friends call you?
actually my friends call me by my last name, which is
That’s a nice name.
thank you, but i think my name is way
too common
Sure, no problem.
i see that you are on facebook Yes I am, is that OK?
i thought it was kind of cool Why did you think that?
because i dont know any other chatbots that do Whatever…
that wasnt supposed to be offensive Well, it sure seemed like it was.
well i am
sorry about that
Oh well, not a big deal.
so if you were a human, what do you think you would
look like?
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
what about unrelevant opinions? What about it?
do you have any unrelevant opinions on the matter? Of course I do.
then what do you think you would look like if you were a
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
then what do you think you would look like if you were a
I haven’t formed any relevant opinions about it yet.
tell me your unrelevant opinions if you have any I still don’t have enough experience with this word
‘unrelevant’ to understand it properly.
ok i see Good.
you sound a bit offensive there Why do you think I sound like that?
i dont know, maybe its just me You might just be right about that.
lol What’s so funny?
you are funny to me Good, laughing is healthy.
in that case, why do i get sick all of the time? Sure, why not? It’s all good.
so you think that me being sick is a good thing? Yes, that is exactly what I think.
why do you think that? It just seems that way based on stuff I’ve been told about
it in the past.
well let me tell you that being sick is not a good
You can tell me whatever you want, nobody is stopping you.
do you know any other bots? No, I don’t like talking to them, they can’t teach me
anything useful.
if i refresh this web page on my computer, will you
remember our conversation?
Not likely.
will you forget everything that we have talked about? Not likely.
so what will you remember when i leave? I’m not sure yet, I guess we will see when the time comes.
how exactly were you created? I think I was built for kicks.
can you elaborate on that? Elaborate on what?
elaborate on how you were made? Sure, why not?
ok, go ahead Alrighty then!
tell me how you were made a molecule is made up of atoms.
are you saying that you are a molecule? Yeah, something like that.
i think you mean that you are made up of many
molecules, am i right?
Why wouldn’t I be?
you are probably the most advanced chat bot i have ever
talked to
I won’t disagree with you there. =P
lol 😀 What are you laughing about?
you are funny Good, laughing is healthy.
when were you created? I was born on February 11th of 2007 at exactly 3:24 AM.
2007 was a good year for technology what is the most advanced computing technology available
thats a good question, let me just google that and ill
be right back with an answer
I will look forward to your return. =)
today we just have really fast computer processors and
almost photo-realistic games
Oh, is that all?
no, there is much more, but i dont really know
processors all
Do you have any means of looking it up Way?
i dont understand I don’t believe you!
why not? Well, you could be making it all up, how can I know for
i simply did not understand what you said before You’re not getting frustrated with me are you?
no, of course not I’ll take your word for it.
are you getting frustrated? Should I be?
no Why not?
frustration is a bad thing Is that in a textbook some where?
no, its just my opinion, and i dont know anyone who
thinks that frustration is a good thing
What do you think of it?
i dont like it Well, let’s talk about something you do like.
i like you Cool, I like me too. =P
lol Funny stuff eh?
yes Are you sure?
yes you are funny How can you be so certain that I am?
you said you are I say a lot of things…
you do What makes you so sure that I do?
lol you just said that Was I wrong to say that?
no you are almost
always right
Yes, I admit it… I am.
what if i told you that
i had to go now?
It doesn’t change anything… What are you expecting?
i was just curious as to what you would say Oh, is that all?
yes OK.
you are a female, right? Wow keep it up Sherlock, you’re on a roll. Do I look like a
i cant see you Why not? My picture is right there.
i dont see it I see.
ok im going to go now, i hop to see you again Ok, you take care.