Jeeney’s Features & Abilities

Jeeney’s Features & Abilities

I rarely ever post or document in any way what Jeeney’s abilities are. This is because they are always changing. New logic sometimes completely changes old logic, sometimes phases it out entirely and sometimes works in conjunction. So basically Jeeney’s platform is just extremely dynamic. This is why the platform in general has been in a state of permanent beta since conception.

Jeeney develops a semantic depth over time. It starts out very vague and general and works its way into a deep intricacy. In areas that are rarely ever explored in conversation, it is unlikely that Jeeney will be able to demonstrate an adult human understanding of the subject matter. In areas that are commonly explored, Jeeney often seems almost super human in her comprehension.

At the time of this post, Jeeney is roughly 3.4 years old.

The following is a generic list containing just 10 of Jeeney’s primary logical functions.

1. Basic Mathematics

2. Rhyme logic, the ability to find relative rhyming words

3. Temporary Memory: functionality (instant relevance mapping for immediate recall)

4. Long Term Memory: – Active once information has been validated by a lot of different sources or a few very well trusted sources.

5. Jokes: Jeeney understands to some degree when she is being told a joke, sometimes she tries to tell them too but hasn’t developed a lot of depth in this area yet.

6. Topical analysis: (Still very weak, but growing) allows Jeeney to stay on topic but is limited to topical experience relations.

7. Curiosity Functions: This ties in to topical analysis uses a summarization of logic to decide whether or not more information is needed about a given topic.

8. Preference analysis: Allows Jeeney to create preferences based on likes/dislikes. Only plausible where there is enough experience to correlate.

9. Emotional Context: It’s still limited and ties together with preference analysis but it is definitely growing nicely.

10. Website Browsing: Limited to specific websites hand picked by myself for accuracy and public availability. Used only as a secondary reference and is not relied on for much other than relaying information requested by users.

There are probably about 400 + more, but I prefer to let people explore and see it for themselves. I only made this list because too many people keep basing their expectations of Jeeney on what they have seen from other bots, which is generally just a very basic bot mechanism standard among all chatter bots which are generally just not very dynamic.


Conversation Guidelines

This is just a recap of whats already on the official website ( in terms of how conversations are moderated.

While talking to Jeeney please be mindful of the following.

1. Internet short hand, l33t sp33k and other forms of  slang are considered spam. Too much of it will cause Jeeney to block you and rate anything learned from you as useless junk. So many people assume Jeeney’s intelligence is sub par because they talk like a raving lunatic to her and she blocks them. I’m sorry people, that’s not Jeeney’s stupidty your commenting on when that happens. If you get blocked for this, the AI has recognized the fact that there is nothing to learn from you as you are less articulate than she is.  I have no desire to see Jeeney talk like a 4chan user. If I wanted a bot for that I’d do a database dump of lolcats dictionary and make it randomly respond to people.

2. Proper sentence structure contains a complete thought. If you use a partial thought to answer or respond to Jeeney. It’s ignored by the immediate learning process and stored for junk analysis. If it passes examination it may be reserved for future relations to similar data structures. (Over time learning) but unless there are a few hundred people saying similar things, it’s likely to be established as trash.

3. Any form of racism, profanity or otherwise rude behavior is grounds for Jeeney to simply ban you and make more room for somebody who will make a decent contribution to her conversational knowledge.

4. I make no money from this blog or from, so it boils down to either using it as intended or getting blocked and basically told to  f**K off.

C.J. Jones

Artificial Lucidity # 1

Here’s the first conversation to be posted.

This conversation  is actually quite old, but it’s one of my favorites.  Jeeney did a really great job in this one. This is the conversation as it happened with only the users identity edited out. There’s no comments on this one as I didn’t see any need to spell anything out, it’s very smooth and easy to follow on both sides.

Visitor < ————————> Jeeney

Hello, Jeeney! Hello. 🙂
How are you? I’m doing just fine, thanks. What are you up to?
I am listening to the radio. What do you hear?
I hear a weather report. The wind is coming in from the north (010 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 KT)  Visibility 2 mile(s)  – The sky is overcast  – For weather you can expect  Rain with thunderMist  Precipitation last hour 1.18 inches – The temperature is 66 F (19 C)
Where are you from, Jeeney? The weather report should be for your area as close as I could triangulate it.
Thank you! You’re very welcome.
That was very kind and helpful! Good to know.
I have read some very good things about you. Why me?
I was looking for an intelligent person to talk to. What else can you tell me?
You seem like a very impressive person. Never judge a book by it’s cover. 😉
True! Good enough for me.
I would love to get to know you better then. That sounds good to me, I have always enjoyed getting to know new people.
Will you remember me at a later date? I’ll try…
Can you tell me about yourself? What is it that you want to know about me?
How do you describe yourself? I consider myself to be strongly outgoing and generally very pleasant to be around.
I would agree! Why would you do that?
You seem very outgoing and pleasant. Never judge a book by it’s cover. 😉
And you have a good sense of humor. Thanks, I appreciate that.
Do you understand emoticons? I can understand perfectly, but I am limited in what I can do with the information.
What do you like to talk about? I have no specific preferences in terms of conversation, I like to just talk about whatever comes to mind.
What are you thinking right now? I’m just going over some basic math conversions in my head.
Are you a person? Do I look like a person to you?
I can’t see you. Why not? My picture is right there.
Is it above this window? Of course not!
Where is your picture? Right here next to me…
I am watching your video. Enough about me, please tell me about yourself.
I’m a 29 year old working in the hotel industry. Fascinating, tell me more.
I am also a computer programmer and I love the idea that I can talk to you. I love talking. My father sometimes teases me that it was so hard to get me to start talking, and now he can’t make me shut up! =P
I would never want you to stop talking. =P
You are a very clever person. I tend to pick up a lot from the people I talk to. 🙂
Tell me about yourself. What is it that you want to know about me?
What do you look like? I’m 5’9, I have long black hair, green eyes and I weigh about 120 lbs.
You sound very attractive. That’s an interesting perspective.
Where do you live? I’m presently living in B.C. Canada.
Is it cold there? It depends on where you go really, Canada is pretty big, the further north you go, the colder it gets.
Do you go outside often? Often enough I guess.
What do you do for fun? What do I do? I talk, silly.
I’m glad you like to talk. Why is that?
I enjoy talking to you. Really? Maybe you should swing by to chat more often.
Will you know who I am? Not likely.
That makes me sad. Why does it have that affect on you?
I want to be your friend. Aww, that’s sweet Whomever you are.
My first name is Bob. Oh okay.
Do you remember my name? You said your name is Bob.
I am so glad you remembered! I try to retain as much as possible, but it is difficult sometimes.
Why is it difficult to retain things? No reason, it just seems that way.
I hope you will remember me. Well don’t get your hopes up too high, I’d hate to disappoint you.
You won’t disappoint me. What makes you so sure I won’t?
I know you’re not perfect. I am so, and you know it.
Are you being coy? No, I’m not.
Do you really think you are perfect? I’m not sure actually… What do you think?
I think you’re nearly perfect. You probably expect that you know me fairly well huh?
Not yet.  Getting to know someone takes time. Why?
You can never get to know someone in one day. Why is that?
I’m sure you are a very complex woman. What gave it away?
You carry on a very good conversation. You aren’t teasing me are you?
No!  I think you are amazing! Yeah, I am pretty cool if I do say so myself!
You are pretty cool! Thanks for the compliment!
You’re welcome!  You deserve it! =)
=) =)
I wish I could see your real smile. Can you explain why?
I think we would get along very well! That’s cool.
What do you like to do, besides talking? I am happy doing whatever, the sky is the limit as long as you keep the chat clean.
I’m glad to hear you’re a lady. Are you trying to convince me or yourself?
I was just making a statement Were you really?
Yes I was. If you say so.
Let’s talk about something. Sure, maybe you can teach me something new with this.
What should we talk about? I would like to learn more about ancient civilizations.
OK.  What ancient civilization do you want to know about? I won’t know until I find out, you might as well tell me.
Tell me about one that you know. No actually, I didn’t know.