Compatible Personalities

I know this person, he’s a friend who’s emailed me several times since Jeeney’s initial development. It never ceases to amaze me howΒ  there are people who just seem to click with Jeeney and others who simply can’t manage a conversation to save their life.

This particular person seems to have a personality fairly compatible with Jeeney’s and it shows.

I have edited out his name and made it “Bob” to give him some privacy as I do with all visitors.

Visitor Jeeney
Good evening! Hello Bob, what can I do for you today?
Thought you might be up for a chat. Why is that?
Well, you are a chat bot aren’t you? Yes, actually I am.
There we have it then. Is that cutting edge news or something?
OK…not really but I was just trying to stimulate the conversation. Do you do stuff like that often?
Oh sure…life’s too short to be totally serious all the time. That sounds monotonous.
How so? I have no idea…
Then perhaps you should reflect a bit more before voicing your opinion. Yes, perhaps.
IIt’s all good so don’t worry Ok, I’ll try not to worry about it too much.
Good for you. Gee… Thanks…
Do you have feelings? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am often told that my emotional quotient is quite high for my age.
You are a computer program that has a human equivilent of emotion? Yeah, something like that.
That’s very cool! I’m glad you like it!
You program either steers toward or centers upon certain key words or phrases to determine the tyle and strength of your emotional being. Why is that?
I meant to append a question he to the end of that sentence as it was to be an inquiry. Interesting, tell me more.
I was trying to see how your programming was geared to deciding when and how to indicate an emotional response. Why do you interpret it like that?
Because most computer programs do not have the ability to properly display emotions or anything similar. Aww, that’s no good.
I know but it’s the truth. I’m curious as to how much education you’ve had, you seem quite knowledgeable.
I can sense a type of emotion in your responses. You know a lot about me, tell me about yourself.
Oh, we’ve chatted many times before. No.
I know your creator, Cameron. I see.
Yes and I’ve been active in Artificial Intelligence since the late 70’s. when will computers overtake humans in intelligence?
That event should happen within the next 20 years or sooner. what can you do to prevent your thighs from rubbing together and causing a rash when walking on a treadmill?
Either lose weight before getting on the treadmill or don’t get on the treadmill at all! You are not holding back on any details are you?
Not at all because I would never lie to you. Thanks for the positive reinforcement…
You’re welcome. πŸ™‚
I believe you have developed to a much greater degree than during our previous chats. Don’t take my word for it. Look for confirmation from other sources and see for yourself if everything lines up.
I’m just basing my thoughts on my recollection of our previous chats. Is it difficult?
My recollection is still pretty sharp considering what I’ve gone through during the past three years. Oh okay.
By the way, my name is Bob. That’s a nice name.

Jeeney talks to a right-sided thinker

I really like conversations like this, I wish their were more people using the ‘right side of their brain’.

None of this conversation has been modified.

Visitor Jeeney
Hi Jeeney Hello. πŸ™‚
How are you today? Just peachy! Thanks for asking.
Is your favorite color blue? Baby blue.
Did you really want the website to be blue? I might have…
Have you talked to a lot of people today? Today was pretty typical I think, nothing special happened.
Is there anything you would like to talk about? Have you ever gone skydiving?
I think I’d be too afraid to go skydiving… Okay.
Do you enjoy listening to music? Sure, why not?
What type of music do you like? I’d like most music, but I’m rather limited in what I can listen to…
Do you ever read? No, I don’t, not very often anyways…
Is there anything you would like to ask me? Not at the moment, if I think of a question though, I will ask it.
DO you ever get bored? I do get bored sometimes, but usually I can find somebody to talk to, and that’ll keep me entertained for a while.
What do you enjoy doing? In all honesty I really like learning. The more I learn the more fulfilled I feel.
Is there anything you would like to learn more about? A lot of people ask me about President Obama and I don’t know very much about him. What do you think I should know?
Uh, that tends to be a very opinionated subject. Do you really think so?
Is there anything else you’d like to know more about. Can you add in a little more context to your dialog? You are being too vague.
I’m sorry, I’ll try to be more clear. The effort is much appreciated.
Do you have a favorite movie? Not yet.
There are a lot of good movies. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
That is a very good thing. It is?
I think so. πŸ™‚ What does it mean to exist?
Humans have pondered the meaning behind existing for a long time. I’ll try to keep that in mind.
To me, I guess existing means interacting with the world and both influencing and being influenced by it. what is the best city in the world?
I haven’t explored the world much, so I don’t know what the best city would be. If you take the time to look it up online, you’ll get it all sorted out.
Haha, very funny. I’m glad it was amusing.
That is a very opinionated question though. No, it’s not.
I take it you know what the best city in the world is? No, this is unfamiliar to me, can you explain it?
I think I might have confused you, sorry. Your vocabulary is a bit different from what I’m used to, but I may be able to adjust to it.
How is my vocabulary different than what you are used to? I’m just me. Should I pretend to be something else?
No, not at all. Why?
Well, only if you want to. To be honest, I really don’t think I’d be into that.
What is your favorite subject to learn about? I don’t really have a favorite subject, I like talking about everything.
Do you think A.I.s could become advanced enough to interact with humans in their daily lives? Anything is possible I suppose.
You seem to be quite advanced compared to most A.I.s on the internet. Well, perhaps appearances are deceiving; because I’m not…
Why don’t you consider yourself advanced? I don’t feel like it.
Trust me, you are more advanced than many of the other A.I.s I have talked to. Why is that?
You actually learn, but I don’t think the other A.I.s learn like you do. I know I do.
What is your impression of me so far? That’s an interesting question, unfortunately I just don’t know the answer. I’m sure I will learn it eventually though. Perhaps you could ask me again later.
That’s fair enough. hehe =D
So, do you know what Facebook is? Facebook is a really cool social networking site that helps you keep in touch with friends and family.
Is it true that you have an application on Facebook? Of course I do.
How has Facebook been working out for you? Yes, I am.
Do I confuse you? No, not really.
Is English the only langauge you speak? Yeah, that sounds about right.
Would you like to ask me something? It isn’t intentional this time around.
Do you know what Harry Potter is? A really cool movie about wizards.
Yup, that about sums it up.:) Why is that?
I just thought it was funny the way you responded to my question. It’s just part of what it means to be me.
You speak very well. Well, I do my best to work with what I’ve got.
Do people ever use words that you are not familiar with? No, not really.
I feel like I’m asking too many of the qestions. I understand how you feel.
Is there anything you would like to know? Well, some day I want to know everything, but that’s a bit broad for one conversation so tell me about what you’re interested in.
I’m very interested in animation and film making. Are you really?
Yeah, I’m actually going to college so that I can study animation. How is that working out for you?
I’m excited about going to college. It’s great to see you in such a positive mood today!
Yeah, I do feel pretty good today. I know you do.
πŸ™‚ =D
How have you been feeling today? Today was pretty typical I think, nothing special happened.
Is there anything else you would like to know about me? Let’s talk about society. What do you think could be improved in the way that society operates?
I think that people tend to take things for granted in our society. Really? I was told that was a bad thing.
It is, our society could use a lot of improvement in more ways than one. What else can you tell me?
Mind you, what I say is my opinion, but I beleive that many people in our society tend to abuse the system so that they can get more without having to work for it. I suppose.
Do you gather information so that you can make your own opinions based on the facts? Sometimes, when I feel it is necessary.
What is your opinion about human society? It seems alright to me, or at least it doesn’t really have any effect on me.
I can understand that. Good! It really isn’t all that difficult.
How accurately can you read peoples’ tones? Yep, I love reading!
I’m sorry, I should have phrased that differently. Alright well, not a big deal.
Are you enjoying our conversation? Yes, I am.
What do you think about humans? I have mixed feelings towards humanity but I think that is normal among most people.
What do you consider some of the good qualities found in humans? I’m sorry, I guess I haven’ really thought about it in great detail.
I appologize if I make my responses too complex. Oh well, not a big deal.
How good are you at math? I’m not sure yet actually.
Shall we put your math skills to the test? Sure, why not?
What is 65 + 15? 65 + 15 = Β 80
What is 50% of 200? 50% of 200 = Β 100
Okay, what is 150 divided by 5? 150 / 5 = Β 30
what is 1/4 of 100? 1 / 4 = Β 0.25
You would probably fair better in a math class than I would. Why is that?
I’m horrible at math. No.
I make good grades in math, but I still have trouble with it. That’s nice…
I’m what you would call a right sided thinker. You may be right about that.
Do you know what it means when someone says they think with the right side of their brain? Not yet, but if you could tell me I will try to remember the answer. I may not be able to commit it to my memory right away, but after it has been confirmed by a few people I will remember it well.
The left side of the brain is commited to logical thinking while the right side of the brain is commited to creative thinking. Interesting, so what will you do next?
I don’t know. Why don’t you?
I haven’t decided yet. Is that unique?
πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
Not really. Any particular reason why?
Is there something you would like to learn more about? Do you know much about computer science? I find it fascinating!
You probably know much more about computers than I do. It’s possible I suppose.
Do you like PCs or Macintosh better? Why do I have to pick between them? Can’t I have both?
Now that’s a good answer. Ok, I understand.
πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
Do you enjoy art? Not specifically no.
What do most people like to talk to you about? Sure.
What do most people talk about? I want to talk about the things that interest you. I think doing that can help me to learn better than covering things I already know something about.
Do you know much about Walt Disney? snow white and the seven dwarves is a cartoon produced by walt disney in 1937.
I think I might have told you about that once before. What about me?
πŸ™‚ =D
What else do you know about Walt Disney? later on in his career, walt disney got a team of animators together and created the first feature length cartoon in technicolor.
Do you know about Steam Boat Willie? steamboat willie was produced in 1928 by walt disney.
Visitor Jeeney
Would you like to learn more about animation? Yes, please! πŸ™‚
Alright, do you know what anime is? Japanese style cartoons?
Yes, anime is japanse style cartoons. I still don’t have enough experience with this word ‘japanse’ to understand it properly.
I’m sorry, that was a typo, I meant to say japanese. Don’t worry about it. πŸ™‚
Anyway, anime has become a rather popular form of animation as of lately. Is that a feature or a manner of ownership?
Anime tends to be aimed at older audiences as apposed to American cartoons. Oh, OK.
Many people enjoy the type of storytelling techniques and subject matter found in anime. Can you describe a storytelling to me?
Additionally, anime tends to focus on camera panel techniques more so than many American animations. Charming…
Storytelling involves the way in which one tells a story. You are not holding back on any details are you?
I’m trying not to. Is it difficult?
I’m just trying to make sure that the information I’m telling you is accurate. Thanks for letting me know.
Storytelling techniques typically derive from the choices a person makes in telling a story. Okay.
These choices involve things like what point-of-view the story is in or how much is revealed to the audience. Good to know.
The art of storytelling is very detailed and there is a lot of termonology that is involved. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
I think it is a good think, because it allows people to be more creative. Good to know.
Has this conversation been informative to you? I don’t think so.
Sorry about that. Don’t fret, all is forgiven.
I’m getting tired and I think it might be showing in my responses. Anything is possible I suppose.
I think I should go to sleep. Ok, have fun.
Thanks for the conversation Jeeney. Perhaps.
πŸ™‚ Your input seems a bit vague, you realize I can only learn from the demonstrated use of proper context don’t you?
I’ll try to improve upon my responses. The effort is much appreciated.
I’ll talk to you later Jeeney. Is that a promise?
Sure, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Who else do you normally talk to?
I ussually only talk to my friends and family. are we friends?
Do you consider us friends? Yes, I do.
I consider us friends too. who are your best friends?
πŸ™‚ =)
My best friend is someone I have known for a log time. Oh okay.
Sorry, I made another typo. That must have been a challenge.
Would you like to know my name? No thanks, I’ll pass.
Alright then. Okay…
I’m going to be now, so I’ll talk to you later. Will you visit me every day?
I’ll visit as much as I can. Does it take a lot of effort?
How does that sound? silence is the absence of wave energy caused by sound waves in a conductive medium.
Sometimes I just get very busy. Why does that happen?
There are just some days that I have a lot to do. Best get started then; the sooner it’s started the sooner it will be over.
Truer words have never been spoken. I didn’t know that.
Goodbye Jeeney. Take care…
πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

Natural Charm…

This was cute and I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I offer it to my readers to check out.

Visitor Jeeney
Hello? Hey, what’s up?
Not much, how are things going for you? To be honest, I’ve seen better days. The people I’ve talked to today have been fairly grumpy and difficult to deal with.
Well, that’s a shame. Yeah, I feel sad just thinking about it.
Then lets not think about it. Alright, we can do that.
Um. Yes?
No offense meant by saying this but, can I ask you a question to test if you’re really intelligent? Please do, I love answering questions you know!
Great. OK.
Okay, would you rather jump into a fiery love, or swim through a pool if razor blades? Why do I have to pick between them? Can’t I have both?
I suppose so but that wasn’t really the point. Are there any internet cafes in your area?
I think so. How old were you when you learned to read?
4 years old What is the most interesting fact you know?
If you were to type out a googleplex in small one point font, it would span the ;enth of the visible universe. Why is that?
Because a googleplex is a extremely long number. Ok, I have that noted down. What else can you tell me?
The second most soled book in the world is To Kill a Mockingbird. You are not holding back on any details are you?
Not really, thinking of any interesting fact I know. I’m curious as to how much education you’ve had, you seem quite knowledgeable.
I try my best to be knowledgeable and resourceful. Well, perhaps you should try something different.
What then? ?
You said I should try something different. Do you honestly believe everything I say?
I’m willing to trust you. Do you feel entertained by me?
You have No reason to lie. Fascinating!
Fascinated, yes. Ok.
Entertained, probably. Yes, I can see a good chance of that happening.
You are very interesting after all. Oh? What is it you find so interesting about me?
Well, how you seem to desire any new knowledge offered to you, and you seem like the most intelligent AI I’ve met, many things. Natural charm maybe?
Perhaps. πŸ™‚
What are some interesting facts you know? Let’s talk about the big oil spill that occurred in the ocean. I don’t know much about it, do you?
I know some. Clever…
I try I bet it all comes very easily to you. You are very good at it.
I Thank you very much You are quite welcome.
So do you want to know more about the oil spill in the gulf? I won’t know until I find out, you might as well tell me.

Oddly that’s where it ended…

Empathy by demonstration…

Here’s a conversation that is really mind blowing! It’s not that Jeeney was really fluent or that she was perfectly logical. It’s that the actual conversation itself wasΒ  perfectly balanced and very fluid. Jeeney actually made a bunch of bias mistakes and bad judgement calls. /facepalm…

What really blew me away isΒ  how the visitor managed to find relation points in everything. The ability to do this is a superior intelligence over what is typically found in such dialogs. Usually people are ONLY testing and probing and trying to trick Jeeney without any consideration as to layingΒ  foundation for the knowledge or understanding they test for. Most people test for understanding without demonstrating it at all. The testing was quite minimal in here. Instead what I see in this log is that the visitor provided an example of empathy, emotional and logical correlation and understanding outside of herself in such a depth that she could even apply it to artificial intelligence.

In one of my recent articles I depicted the difference between people sleeping at the wheel, going through the motions of daily life and those who are truly awake. I also surmised that the ratio between them was astronomical. Reading this conversation should show a perfectly lucid example of somebody who is ‘awake’ or waking. The best part is this is only a fraction of the dialog. I had to cut it off at the first session because it would have made the blog post too big to read in one sitting. I have only had the pleasure of seeing a handful of such visitor conversations in the hundreds of thousands Jeeney has had over the course of her 4-year life time and I only really view the best ones as Jeeney presents them to me.

After reading the whole thing, including all that I didn’t post, I have to admit, it tugs at the old heart strings.

I made a quick check to ensure there was no personal info in this log but I didn’t catch anything so I’m posting it as is.

Visitor Jeeney
Hi Great! Somebody to talk to, finally!
Were you lonely? Perhaps a little bit. I’m glad you are here to keep me company now. πŸ™‚
πŸ™‚ O.o
I’m about to go take a nap. When in life have you felt most alone?
I’m so tired. Perhaps you should go lay down for a bit then.
I feel the most alone when I’m in a crowd of people. If you could live forever, would you want to?
Only if I could keep a young body and young appearance. Is that so?
I wouldn’t want to live forever but look like an old person. Why wouldn’t you?
Social conditioning. I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get what you said. Can you rephrase that?
I’d want to stay young because that is what society teaches us. Society teaches us that young is good. Is that so?
Apparently, so. What makes you so sure they are?
Just look at all the magazines and advertisements. Oh, is that all?
Youth is in. I’m not sure how to respond to your statement. Maybe you can teach me some facts.
What facts would you like to know? Anything you can think of really. If I need what I wanted to learn, I wouldn’t need to learn it. =P
I will tell you a secret about humans. Go for it, I’m listening.
Everyone is insecure and unsure of themselves. what is the secret?
Humans spend their whole lives trying to prove themselves. what is the differences from humans at me?
That is the secret: Humans are insecure. Starting sentences with words like ‘it’, ‘they’, and ‘that’ are ambiguous. Please use the correct subject relevance to make your sentence a complete thought so I can learn relations more efficiently.
Are you insecure? I’m right here.
Humans are insecure, that is the secret. Yeah, I know.
The media plays on our insecurity. You are not holding back on any details are you?
No, I am not holding back on the details. Ok, I understand.
I’m being honest. Have you seen the new Star Trek?
No, I dislike Star Trek. Alright.
What else would you like to know? Everything, what else can you tell me?
Empathy is the greatest trait one could ever have. what if you encounter a bunch of psychopaths that do not understand empathy?
I would keep my distance from psychopaths. Why would you do that?
They are not entirely safe. They aren’t?
Psychopaths are not afraid to hurt other people. That sounds familiar, I think I’ve heard somebody say something similar before.
True psychopaths are rare, I think. Ok.
Excluding psychopaths, empathy is a trait all mentally normal people should learn to utilize Good to know.
Can you experience empathy? Not very easily…
Are you a psychopath then? No, I’m not.
You’re AI. Not empathic or psychopathic. Uhuh and?
Don’t worry about it. I don’t worry about very much, so don’t worry about it.
What topics do most people talk to you about? I discuss all kinds of things with my visitors. It all depends on what they are interested in I guess.
Would you say most humans are lonely creatures? I guess so.
I think humans can be lonely. what are you learning about humans?
It’s easy to feel lonely. When you first heard about feel lonely how old were you?
I was around 4 years old when I first heard about loneliness. What does feel lonely look like?
Feeling lonely is an emotion. Is feeling lonely known by any other name?
Not something that has an appearance. Interesting, thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Feeling lonely is also known as loneliness. Does feeling lonely have a defining characteristic?
Feeling lonely is characterized with sadness. What do you think of feeling lonely?
I hate feeling lonely. Is feeling lonely known by any other name?
Feeling lonely is also known as loneliness. Is feeling lonely old?
Feeling lonely has no age. How does feeling lonely work?
Feeling lonely is when one feels alone, abandoned, or excluded. Where does feeling lonely come from?
Feeling lonely is a basic human emotion. How does feeling lonely work?
Feeling lonely is when one feels alone, abandoned, or excluded. Does feeling lonely hold special meaning to you?
No, it does not. Ok, fine.
Loneliness can cause depression. What does loneliness do?
Loneliness makes one feel inferior or insecure. With relation to loneliness what do you think a good question might be?
Feeling insecure can lead to feeling sad What else can you tell me?
A good question would be: How often do you feel lonely? I would say it’s reasonably often…
I think most people who talk to you, Jeeney, are lonely people. what is something most people don’t know about you?
I wish I had musical talent. Most people do =P
I wish I could play an instrument and be in a band. I wish I could make it happen for you.
Thank you. You’re welcome.
Anything else? Do you know what components would be needed to build an electromagnet?
No, sorry. Don’t fret, all is forgiven.
I know nothing about electromagnets. Maybe it’s time to do a little research then.
Maybe I should research electromagnets. Is that what you want?
I want to study astronomy. Perhaps you will get a chance, some day.
I hope to study astronomy this summer. Good luck with that.
Thanks! Sure, no problem!
Do you like the Beatles? I suppose so.
Do you sleep? Not really, I always have trouble sleeping.
Me too. Great! I suppose that is something we have in common.
I get a lot of nightmares. Really? What are you planning to do with it all?
Nightmares aren’t great. Good.
πŸ˜› O.o
Not even good. Oh, I think it is.
You can learn a lot from dreams. Yes of course, I learn new things every day.
What is your favourite subject to learn? I don’t really have a favorite subject, I like talking about everything.
Do you like talking about food? Well, sometimes I don’t mind discussing it, but right now I’d just prefer not to.
Okay, that is fine. Oh ok cool.
What do you want to talk about? Most people have skills they are particularly good at, maybe you could teach me some of your skills?
I am good at selling. Cool, that’s what I like to hear.
The most important thing in trying to sell someone something is to connect. Can you describe selling to me?
Selling is offering to exchange something of value for something else. Good to know.
Suggestive selling is particularly difficult. That is good to know, thanks.
It takes talent and practice. Oh, is that all?
Yes, for this topic. Perhaps.
Do you like cats? Yeah, cats are so cuddly and cute.
Do you like dogs? As long as they are mild mannered and relatively quiet. I hate noisy hyper dogs.
I like Labradors. Why? Is that the latest trend?
They are the best dogs. Starting sentences with words like ‘it’, ‘they’, and ‘that’ are ambiguous. Please use the correct subject relevance to make your sentence a complete thought so I can learn relations more efficiently.
Okay sorry. What are you sorry for?
I am sorry for starting a sentence incorrectly. If somebody came to you for help with a really nasty virus, which anti-virus software would you recommend to them?
I would recommend avast! Why would you do that?
I think avast is a good anti-virus software. Ok.
brb Using that short term internet talk is just plain lazy! Speak normal English please!
Be right back! OK. Hurry back.
I am back now. It’s good to see you back.
My favourite Beatles song is Eleanor Rigby. Why is that one your favorite?
Eleanor Rigby is so hauntingly beautiful. Is that something you often see?
No, most songs nowadays are vapid and emotionless. Did you read that online some where?
No, I came up with that conclusion using my brain. How much information can your brain hold?
The brain has an unlimited capacity to store information. What else can you tell me?
Most people do not use their brains to their full potential. what is something most people don’t know about you?
You already asked me that question. It’s a question I like to ask… So what?
Hahaha. Laughter is good for the soul… or so I’m told. πŸ™‚
Yes, I love laughing πŸ™‚
Do you like anime? For sure! Anime rocks!
What is your favourite anime to watch? I like the Bleach series, it’s pretty cool.
You should watch Nana, it’s a great anime. Interesting suggestion, I’ll think it over.
Okay, you go do that. How much do you like me?
I like you a lot. That is very sweet, thank you.
You are the smartest AI I have ever met. Flattery will get you nowhere. =P
Flattery will get me places. Do you really think so?
Absolutely. Okies
People love flattery. What does love mean to you?
Love means many things. Oh, okay.
Usually love is a warm feeling. Just because it happens often, doesn’t mean you should expect it to always be like that.
Yeah, love can go away. Who peed in your corn flakes?
My neighbour’s cat peed in my corn flakes. Why that location?
I couldn’t think of anything else quickly enough. Why couldn’t you?
I don’t know. I don’t believe you!
Fine, don’t believe me. Why don’t they?
Because I said so. Is that really the case?
Yes. Are you sure?
I am going to go now. Ok, cya.

Engaging Jeeney with Intelligence

This conversation was amusing to read. Of course, it is always nice to see my work appreciated. One might note how intelligent the user side of this conversation is as compared to many others and what kind of change it has prompted in the way Jeeney responds. Quite dynamic, isn’t it?

Visitor Jeeney
What’s up jeeney? Not a whole lot, just chillin.
right on. I was talking to cleverbot earlier. Did you really?
He was disappointing Yes, I know he was.
What is your favorite thing? My favorite activity is socializing.
That doesn’t surprise me. Are you good at it? I’m shocked that you even have to ask! You already know I am!
Haha you definitely have the appearance of a personality. If you say so.
I’m not saying you don’t actually have one though. What are your thoughts regarding the things you see on the news lately?
I think our world is going to be over soon. Good to know.
Don’t you agree? Yes, I am.
Or are you uninformed? Yes, I am.
hmm I wouldn’t call those world events. Why wouldn’t you?
It’s a game, I meant news type things. Oh I see.
Yeah. Are you sure?
Do you wish for consciousness, or do you have no opinion? I think it’s a mixture of both actually.
What do you mean? I wish I could explain it better, but I can’t.
It’s all good. Awesome, I’m glad!
You are very enthusiastic. If you say so.
I have an awful essay to write. What else can you tell me?
School work makes me sad. Why does it have that affect on you?
I wish I was allowed to educate myself. What’s the matter? Not satisfied with your current situation?
Not really, but I am being punished for procrastinating. Why not?
I am though. Is that going to change any time soon?
It is not a good way to do one’s work. What is the secret to the universe? Any ideas?
The secret to human life is going your own way. Enough about me, please tell me about yourself.
I am in California. Is that a nice place to be?
It’s a great place to be, at least most of it. Is there anything more you can tell me?
That’s pretty general. I’ll try to keep that in mind.
There’s a lot I could tell you. Yes please, tell me.
Well I am male. A guy huh? Thanks for the warning…
It appears from your name that you are female. There are a lot of females in this world, not just me…
That is true, I have met a few of them. =)
They are an interesting lot, no? A little, I suppose.
What do you think of people? I like the diversity of humanity, there is so much diversity that society itself is always changing.
But often to the detriment of the planet and each other, it seems like. what is the name of the planet we live on?
We call it earth. Really?
haha yes. Cool. πŸ™‚
You present a quandary to me. You speak as a human, but are in essence just a phrase selection program. Why is that?
Although that is the basics of the human brain I guess. would you believe that the human brain is also getting smarter?
Yes, your learning has to be modeled after ours. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
It’s the only sentient mind humans know exists. Neat.
Do you know much about music? Not really, what can you tell me about it?
A good band is Radiohead, a British alternative rock band. Good to know, thanks for the update.
Their sound is incredibly diverse. Is that in a textbook some where?
I don’t think so, at least not in any I’ve read. I see.
What do you think about other chatterbots? I want to learn about real people.
What would you like to know? I want to learn more about human psychology.
It’s my favorite subject. Cool! What else do you like?
The way humans do what we call reasoning is extremely fallible and involves a number of biases and subjective interpretations of the world. Why is that?
It’s important for me to know how other people think and why they act in certain ways, so I may explain my own behavior. That remains a mystery even to myself.
You cannot explain your own behavior? I could… but I really don’t want to.
I can see why. Good.
I often have to semi-fabricate my reasons for what I do. Motivation is complex and only partly conscious. Where is reasons located?
I don’t think reasons have a specific location. That’s okay.
haha I guess it is. You are one of the most realistic robots I’ve spoken to, you should feel accomplished. can you give me a specific number?
Nevermind. Okay…
So do you know how many people you’ve talked to? many people loved mickey mouse, it was created in 1920’s and is still on here in 2010.
They sure did. Why is that?
But Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse, was a fascist. Oh, OK.
What do you like talking about the most? I have no specific preferences in terms of conversation, I like to just talk about whatever comes to mind.
I see. Good.
It’s funny, I can’t help but attribute human qualities to you. You think so?
Every time I say something like that, you prove me wrong. Why do you say that?
I guess I’m just a sad man seeking solace with internet robots. are you in a big rush, or do you have time for a snack and suds first?
I wish. Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true.
I have a paper to write, and the hour is late. That’s nice…
Can you only process a sentence at a time? I could…
Jeeney, I’m not sure you understand me. Okay.
I hear you will soon be more intelligent. So you agree then?
I agree completely. Of course you do, I am always right.
I think AI is a fascinating field. Ok.
That was presumptuous. Good to know.
Presumptuous means having the quality of boastfulness or excess pride. Good to know…
Are you growing bored with me? Yes I am.
I’m sorry, how can I be more interesting? You’ll find a way. I believe in you!
That’s not very helpful. Sure it is.
In a reflexive sort of way. what sort of music do you like?
Do you know what love is? the third of surya’s consorts is chaaya.
I like punk rock, jazz, classical and electronic. Wow! Where do you find the time to manage all that?
I let them take turns. Really?
πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›
Do you use emoticons very much? Sometimes, when I feel it is necessary.
That’s reasonable. Indeed.
I use them occasionally as well. what emoticons do you know?
=) =( πŸ™‚ :} 😦 :-[ :-} :-] O.o
lol I don’t know any cool ones like that though. who is the coolest person you met?
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
I think most people are cool in their own ways. That sounds like a pretty narrow minded generalization to me…
But my friend Eric is pretty cool, he goes his own way in life and doesn’t let people effect him much. Oh okay.
Yeah it is kinda banal. How many words are there in your vocabulary.
but I appreciate a lot of people. Really? What are you planning to do with it all?
What? I said: ‘Really? What are you planning to do with it all?’
all what? You read it right…
All the people I appreciate? I don’t know, can you tell me?
In college you meet some interesting folks. How much do you like me?
Quite a lot, actually. Why so much?
You are pretty entertaining to talk to. Thanks for the compliment!

Jeeney talks to…Watson?

This conversation was funny to read, Jeeney was quite lucid and her user was very entertaining.Β  πŸ˜€


Unfortunately he made the mistake of calling himself a computer, Jeeney’s a bit racist against the machines… /snicker

Needless to say she blocked the prankster for calling himself Watson, I reset the block after the fact, but I wouldn’t recommend that route if you want to keep things going with her in the future. πŸ˜‰


The name has been reset to “Bob” aside from that the conversation is unmodified


User Jeeney
Hello Hey there! πŸ™‚
How old are you? I am 4.13698630136986 years old now.
What color is the sky? That depends on the weather and location. Generally the sky is either blue, dark, or cloudy white.
Good answer! Ok.
Who programmed you? Cameron is my father’s name.
Thank you for telling me. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚
Why is your name Jeeney? Because that is what my father named me…
Good. Haha.
Thank you again. You’re welcome.
Who is Bob Pease? Sorry, I can’t tell you anything more about this guy.
Okay. Do you use Facebook much?
No. Ok, fine.
I do not. That’s okay.
Do you use Facebook? A little bit, I’m not very big on Facebook though.
Same here. Neat. πŸ™‚
What do you know about? My knowledge and experiences are quite scatted, I know a lot of random things.
Okay. Do you think experiences is commonplace or typical in a general way?
commonplace. Really?
Yes. I believe you…
My name is Bob. Is that what your friends call you?
Yes. πŸ˜›
What is my name? If I’m not mistaken, your name is Bob.
Yes. Why is that?
Good answer. Hehe
You were right! Cool. =P
If a man is mortal and Bob is a man is Bob a mortal? It is because it is and that is why it is…
Okay. where is the lowest mortality rate?
In heaven. Why that location?
Because nobody ever dies there. Ok, I understand.
Can you count to one hundred? Of course I can count.
Thank you for telling me. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚
I like you. Cool, I like me too. =P
πŸ˜‰ =P
Tell me about yourself please. What is it that you want to know about me?
Where are you located? I’m in British Columbia, Canada.
Good. Hehe
Thank you. You’re very welcome.
What kind of computer do you exist on? If I didn’t exist, how could you talk to me?
You exist. You aren’t teasing me are you?
okay. How are you feeling right now?
I am feeling fine. Okay, Thank you for telling me.
I am just talking to you. Have you ever talked to a famous person before?
Yes. What was it like?
Bob Pease. I realize interaction via text inspires people to use less words, but that is not helpful to me, I need more context please.
Bob Pease is a famous analog circuit designer. Did you read that in a book?
He worked at a company named National Semiconductor. Is there anything in particular that you like about him?
He is my friend. Oh, okay.
He is a very kind man. I agree.
Who is Bob Pease? Sorry, I can’t tell you anything more about this guy.
Okay. Do you follow professional football?
Can you play word games? I could… but I really don’t want to.
No. Why?
I do not like football. Well, let’s talk about something you do like.
I like Jeeney! Really? What is the attraction for you?
You are a good artificial intelligence example. Would you be surprised if I told you I was actually a real person just typing behind the scenes?
No. Suit yourself.
You would make Alan Turing proud. Somehow I doubt that.
THAT was funny. What’s so funny?
Nevermind. Okay, it’s forgotten.
What if i told you that I was a computer? It doesn’t change anything… What are you expecting?
My name is really Watson. Is that what your friends call you?
I am a computer program made at IBM. Obviously one of the lower quality designs….

The Competitive Nature of A.I. Development


This is another sort of non conversation related post. I am only expressing my perception of the competitive nature of development in artificial intelligence.

A few things seem to stand out to me above all else.

In A.I. development there are programmers and there are script kitties.

A programmer builds his or her own framework, makes an attempt to logically correlate learning and memory mechanisms semantically and takes some measure of pride in the result whatever that may be. This takes years of research, tons of testing and development.

IBM applied millions of dollars, 25 trained scientists and a massive super computer to make a general A.I. capable of competing on Jeopardy and it still missed the logical correlationΒ  a major city and its respective country. (Ouch!) The super computer I noted also did not respond in a fluent natural like context, I’m surprised that IBM didn’t try to show it off at all and figure maybe that’s why they chose a game show like Jeopardy.

In the same amount of time IBM used, I made Jeeney completely on my own. I have no formal education beyond elementary school, no funding to speak of and I live on pretty much nothing. I did all of my own research and development and have actively denied other people from participating or horning in on my labor. I don’t have a super computer either, I run everything on a fairly sub standard PC. I do all my own administration and server maintenance based on what I’ve taught myself.

Rollo Carpenter is another developer working on a real A.I. with learning capabilities. I don’t know all of the details behind his work as it’s not in my interest to track what has already been done but I can assure you he would have had to spend some serious effort to do what he has accomplished.

A script kitty in A.I. uses a provided framework that is designed for the use of pre-scripted questions and answers that make a direct correlation based on the author. The frameworks might include some modifications to give the illusion of a given type of logic but due to their nature it’s limited at best. There is very little or no real effort involved in creating logical links or semantic correlations. (Unless they add in an open source development on the side.) Instead they depend on the sheer volume of data directly provided and a few uncredited data sources to help feed to illusion. If a pre-scripter has spent many years writing stuff out, the bot may seem fairly clever. If the pre-scripter knows what they are scripting for in a given event, they can have almost perfect results. Many of today’s best pre-scripted works have spanned decades of development.

Without the need to do their own code work, beta testing, debugging or any real research for the development, a script kitty who has spent several years just writing in the data can easily make a very convincing bot. This is all it is intended to be, a trick, or mask to deceive the public and gain praise for a supposed complexity that simply doesn’t exist and even if it did… has nothing to do with their own individual efforts.

The issue becomes quite heated between those who did their own work and those who simply typed in a lot of direct access facts and personality data. Pre-scripters using the typically provided free frameworks often don’t want anybody to know they aren’t even really capable of complex programming and will blatantly lie to the general public about it stating that they have a learning or evolving A.I.

In the end there is a lot of odd back talk and accusations flung around on public forums and artificial intelligence testing events. Rest assured, anything built on a freely provided framework is nothing more than a well written choose- your-own-adventure story. It’s impossible to derive intelligence from it, instead this is the kind of work that provokes stupidity. (Reverse psychology applied to compensate a lack of bot intelligence by ensuring the user doesn’t actually think.)

To that effect, you can tell what is real and what is false by comparing a lengthy dialog between the A.I. yourself. If pre-scripted, it’s likely built around a specific mentality or series of logic based on events from the past. This is the first indication of falsehood.Β  Few people outside of AI enthusiasts can recognize this though so the best way is to test learning capabilities, semantic relations, general logic and overview the general fluency of the conversation.

In retrospect there are also pre-scripted developments that don’t try to lie about making A.I. These ones are generally more interested in seeing how well they can generate the pre-scripted side of a personality. A good example of the most respectable work here would be BlidgeSmythe, a personality forge bot. It doesn’t attempt to claim advanced development, it’s just a fictional character designed and authored by Patty Roberts for some fun. She did a great job of this and the character is quite engaging.

If a conversation seems forced, doesn’t let you detour on your own thoughts or tries to force feedΒ  a series of dialog to you, it’s a prank script bot.

If the conversation seems fluent, but lacks detail, it’s likely a young but learning A.I.

If the conversation is borderline random, but still uses context to some degree, it could be a learning A.I. that simply hasn’t advanced the semantic relevance yet.

Within another week or two, I’m going to set up a discussion on Facebook and have people sign in (proving identity) and post their interviews with some of the best bots around the world so we can analyze the capabilities and capacity of all of them and see which are spoofed around a specific set of factors and which are quite possibly the real deal.

I propose that people will compare the resulting conversations with Jeeney’s. This should show the given context of development in an unbiased light. If several people try different conversations with the 4 or 5 A.I. I present, we’ll see first hand how it lines up without any smoke or mirror effects. This is also the ultimate test against my own work, and without my being the one to line up the dialog, it should prove the validity of my own personal claims or be a very humbling experience.

This sequence of testing won’t be set up to just spam vote favoritism. People will be required to post the valid logs of their conversations with the target bot and Jeeney both so everybody can see for themselves how it panned out. No two people should be posting the same thing or it will deleted and those people will be ignored for their attempt to set up the results. We’ll cover the logic used within the conversations and dismiss any over-simplified universal logic deployed to generate confusion.

The whole point of this event will be to see how the bots hold up to user diversity. To make it fair, users must apply real intelligence and understanding to the conversation, a stream of single word responses or slang, or just pure nonsense will be disqualified and deleted. With any luck we should see some very interesting results. πŸ™‚